Harmful diets amalgamations you need to avoid at any costs:

 Some time we pair up food such that even the healthy ones turn against us. We are told to have a lot of fruits, drink a lot of water and drink milk every day. But what we are not told is that pairing them up with certain foods can undo all their good.

Harmful diets amalgamations you need to avoid at any costs:

 For foods that are already in the list of over adversaries become worse when we hook them up with their buddies. So where are we going wrong?

“One should have a bland diet and it is important to have a combination of all the essential nutrients required by our body,” says Dr. Manish Tiwari (DM, Gastroenterology). But pairing them right is equally important. Here we bring the most common food combination that may be doing more harm than good to your body.

Sounds tempting but defiantly not healthy! Foods loaded with cheese are not good for your health. But still if you are a cheeses lover than avoid soft drinks a lot of it. These carbonated beverages store surplus sugar, fats and calories in the body, which does not get easily digested and results in increased problems of obesity.
This combination is considered as one of the heaviest for the stomach.

“If your digestive system is not good health, only then can you have bananas with milk, “says Dr. Tiwari. Banana turns sour in stomach and cause milk to curdle, resulting in heaviness. This is the reason people with bad digestive system should avoid this combination. Another reason is that dairy products are heavy and adding fruits like banana to them will make you feel bloated.

The ideal way to consume fruits is one hour before than meal as they work as an appetizer. If Fruits are consumed immediately after a meal all nutrients don’t get absorbed properly. Try to give at least a gap of thirty minutes between meal and a fruit sank.

Keep a grip of least 30 minutes between your meal and water intake. This will help in proper absorption of required nutrients by the body.

Tea contains tennis, which hampers absorption of nutrition’s, form the meal. Immediately after a meal, tannic acid that caffeinated beverages contain can bind food iron and protein and prevent absorption of these of these important nutrients.

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