Eat and lose fat

Eat and lose fat

  •  Great Gobhi Cauliflower 

This common winter veggie gets a bad rap for being an acidity-inducing food. But if your gut can bundle it, a cup of cauli-flower has 2 gm of fibre for 27 calories, plus it has vitamin C that is known to rev up metabolism.

  •     Super Spice Cinnamon

 This spice is rich in polyphenols that keeps blood sugar levels on the right track. a Swedish study found that including cinnamon in your meals increases satiety."spices,in the right quantity, help in 'appetite management' which essential for weight management. But you can't have cinnamon-laced tea with oil-laden pakoras," says delhi-based sports nutritionist loveneet batra.

  •     Peas Please Green Peas

    full of dietary fiber, vitamins and proteins that propel weight loss, peas contain about 67 calories per cooked cup. Have it as a stand-alone snack or mix it with high-calorie foods or carb-rich meals
to bring down the total calorie content.

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