Anxiety may distress women`s recovery after heart attack

Anxiety may distress women`s recovery after heart attack

A new study finds that among young and middle aged individual who have a heart attack, women experience higher level of mental stress than man, which could have negative implication for their recovery.

Women aged 15 – 88 who had a heart attack had higher levels of mental stress and worse recovery than men.

The research explains that past studied have shown mental stress can reduce blood flow in the body and encourage plaque formation in arteries, which can raise that risk of heart attack. In addition stress has been linked to behaviors that may negatively impact health outcomes, including failure to adhere to treatment.

At 1 month after heart attack the researchers assessed how each patient was recovering as measured by chest pain related physical function.

The team found that women had worse recovery following heart attack than men. In addition, women were found to have signification higher levels of mental stress than men, which the researchers say may partly explain their poorer recovery.

Stress due to business or crop failure affected men more than women (7.4% vs. 3.5%), and men were more likely to be worried about financial issues.

The researchers say their finding emphasize the need to consider how stress and other psychosocial factors may affect the recovery of patients for lowing heart attack.

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