Strong headache

It is unlikely that in the world there is at least one person who will be able to argue that he did not know what a bad headache. No wonder, because it can trigger a number of factors that we face every day - its stress, hormonal changes, illness, physical or mental fatigue, etc. Furthermore, complaining of a severe headache may even completely healthy people externally.

Such pain can arise in different parts of the head: in the neck, in temples, in its front part. Let's understand, and find out the relationship between the location and the cause of headaches.

    Severe headaches in the back of the head often indicate diseases of the cervical spine. These include spondylitis, low back pain. Also in this location of pain can be caused by injuries and sprains. Often, patients complaining of severe headaches in the back of the head, there is a growing such pain when moving, someone in addition to all hear tinnitus and feeling dizzy.
    Pain in the forehead can provoke various diseases such as migraine, influenza, sinusitis, and diseases of the oral cavity, in particular, dental problems. Pain in the place of the head can be caused by increased intracranial pressure, and allergic reactions of the body.
    Severe headache at the temples - this is the most common complaint with which patients come to a neurologist. According to statistics, over 70% of the populations in developed countries are experiencing a lot of pain in this part of the head, which can be worn as an episodic or permanent nature. They can cause infectious diseases, changes in the weather, mental, emotional and physical stress, as well as poisoning, particularly alcoholic intoxication.

When a bad headache is very difficult to understand what might trigger data soreness. Remember that finding the causes of great importance, because on the basis of the factors that triggered the pain, and the treatment will be appointed.

What diseases can be a cause of severe headache?

    Infectious and viral diseases (angina, SARS, influenza and others). Headache can occur as a consequence of severe leakage or viral infection. Most often, in this case the concentration of patients reported pain in the temporal region. Severe headache in the child in the case of colds may be indicative of inadequate treatment, so her appearance on the parents should immediately inform your doctor.

    Migraine One kind of severe headache is migraine. It can occur in any person, regardless of age. It is characterized by the presence of throbbing pain in a particular part of the head. Often migraine pain accompanied by nausea, irritability, intolerance of bright light and sound. Several factors that trigger the appearance of migraine can be identified - this is a strong stress, poor diet, too short, or, conversely, too long sleep, abrupt changes in the weather. When monthly severe headaches pulsating character can also be attributed to migraine.
    Dental diseases, such as tooth cyst. Similar diseases can also cause severe pain. In this case, patients reported predominantly headache in the forehead.

    Colds and inflammatory diseases (sinusitis, otitis media, etc.). Diseases of this nature provoke headaches against the background of nasal congestion, weakness, pain in the ear and other manifestations of a particular disease. It is important to remember that if catarrhal or inflammatory disease accompanied by severe headache and vomiting, you should immediately consult a doctor, as this may be a sign of infection.

    Brain tumor According to statistics, from 0.1-0.5% of the patients who turn to doctors because of the very severe headache, detected a brain tumor. Additional symptoms of brain tumors include blurred vision, dizziness, seizures, and personality changes. To diagnose the disease symptoms alone is small, it is obligatory to conduct a proper investigation.

    Eye diseases They can also cause pain in the head, so if you suspect that the cause of their appearance is that a lot of work at the computer, reading in poor lighting, etc., be sure to give your eyes a rest.
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