How to reduce the acidity of the stomach

Increased acidity of the stomach is a special condition that can occur not only in adults but also in children. Quite often the consequence of increasing the acidity becomes a process of genetic disorders acid formation in the body, poor nutrition, and constant stress. This condition is dangerous not only for its unpleasant symptoms, but also the possibility of occurrence of certain complications, such as gastritis or gastric ulcer. The first signs of developing disease are digestive disorders, feeling of heaviness and fullness in the stomach, belching, accompanied by a sour smell. Quite often wonder how to lower the acidity of the stomach, which has methods to combat this disease.

Methods of dealing with the high acidity of the stomach

First of all, if the patient has an increased acidity of the stomach, it is necessary to observe a special diet, which will significantly improve his condition and prevent complications. The main components of this diet will Soup cereals, as they envelop the stomach wall and prevent acid thus they corrode. In this way, you can almost get rid of the unpleasant pain, which occurs due to irritation and damage to the stomach wall.

In addition, it is advisable to eat food cooked by a couple, especially lean meats and vegetables prepared in this way are best to further grind blender puree the state. You can also have breakfast omelets and porridge by adding milk they significantly reduce the level of acidity. As for drinks, it is best to use ordinary alkaline water; jelly or green tea.  From low fat diets need to categorically refuse, as it will lead to the occurrence of gastritis. With fruits, too, should be careful, you can only sweet apples and pears, bananas. Consumed food temperature should be just above the room, which is about 35 degrees. This will facilitate the process of digestion, as the body will no longer need to spend time on the display food. In addition, it is necessary to organize a fractional diet, i.e. eat often but in small portions. This is due to the fact that the acid attack on the stomach wall begins in the absence of any food in the hollow body, so should not be allowed to interfere with gastritis to work.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet of fried, smoked, salty and spicy food, limit the amount of consumption of coffee and tea. It is also desirable to quit and give up alcohol. After 7 pm better not have anything, since it creates an undesirable load on the gastrointestinal tract.
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