Six habits to maintain your health

6 simple habits to maintain your good health

Changing some of your daily habits can mean the difference between good health and being sick
Having good health is critical for a happy and enjoyable life. Being healthy means that our body works normally and that there is nothing out of balance. Being healthy is a balanced and in harmony with the body mind. Many times, the speed of life we lead, we forget that health is a treasure. We value only when we get sick. Healthy habits are largely those that determine be in good health. And when I mean habits, I mean precisely what you do every day: sleep, eat, stay hydrated, exercise, swim, sun protection. The successful development of these habits will surely help you have a longer and healthier life. Let's walk through these tips for good health.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables

Ideally, eat nine servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But yes, I know you're opening your eyes because you think a lot. So here it goes: Five. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day and you will save several visits to the doctor. A study at Harvard University says that this amount provides antioxidants and fiber needed to reduce heart disease and maintain a healthy weight (one serving equals about half of a fruit, or a half cup of fruit or half a cup vegetable).

2. Exercise

Ideally 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (or more) 5 days or more per week. But as I know that sometimes costs you off the couch, because there you will a more manageable dose: how about 17 minutes a day? This is equivalent to two hours a week. And even you have to do seguidito! You can divide it into segments. And the benefits are endless: healthy heart, healthy weight, toned muscles, be in a good mood.

3. Sleep

If you are someone who always sleeps 7 to 8 hours a day, you're on the right track. Recent studies indicate that those who have trouble sleeping or sleep less than seven hours, are increasing their risk of hypertension, heart disease and even diabetes. Our body needs to rest and recharge for good health.

4. Stay hydrated

Before it was said that eight was the magic number of glasses of water a day you should take. It is now known that there is no need to drink eight, but take liquids with meals and whenever you feel thirsty. Drink more if you exercise or hot weather. The only people who can not rely on thirst to drink water are young children and the elderly because in them the thirst mechanism does not work well and have to remember to drink. I do not know if you knew, but the body is made of water and needs this fluid to work. Other liquid sources are fruits, soup, tea and vegetables. Remember, water = good health.

5. Wash your hands

Ideally with soap and water, using soap for at least 15 seconds. Several studies have shown that washing hands with soap and water removes more than 90% of the microbes that cause infections and can alter your good health. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, touching someone who is sick, and when you cook. Especially when you touch raw meat and unwashed vegetables.

6. Use sunscreen

Daily. No matter who is cloudy. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays prevent skin damage, including cancer. Ideally blocker minimum protection factor 15.Having and maintaining good health depends in part on our habits. Better safe than sorry. So take note of these tips and to implement them!

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