Hand care in winter

Hand care in winter
Winter - time for a variety of outdoor activities: a walk in the winter woods, skiing and ice skating at the rink in the open air. In short, something for everyone to find one. At the same time - this is the harsh effects of the environment on our bodies. And if on warm clothes and shoes we remember, here on the Protection of the skin of hands in the winter many people forget.

Meanwhile, the cold narrows blood vessels, causing deteriorating nutrition skin cuticle and thus nails. Violated the water-lipid mantle, which leads to a marked weakening of the protective functions of the skin of hands. That's why she shelled, cracked and red, but other than that, it loses its ability to resist harmful bacteria. All this not only makes our hands ugly, but also speeds up the aging process. It is because of improper care for your hands in the winter, they can give the age of even the most carefully watching a woman.

A particularly devastating impact on your hands in the winter have frequent sudden changes in temperature.
    Wear warm mittens or gloves (wool, leather on wool lining, of tanned skin) before the release of the frost. So you completely avoid contact with cold air. Try not to remove them without pressing need;
    To care for your hands in winter, use creams with bold textures. Apply the cream for 20-30 minutes before going out. Allow it to soak (about 5 minutes), then blot the excess with a paper towel;
    Heating makes the indoor air dry, so it is possible that your skin will peel off, and from lack of moisture. Therefore, if you do not plan to go out in the next few hours - much use moisturizing creams and lotions. On cold cream from such use will not be exact. Water molecules that are part of such creams in the cold quickly turned to ice, further irritating your skin;

    Special moisturizing and regenerating effect of winter gives hands paraffin

    More attention should be paid to procedures for the evening. For example, applying the cream evening. It differs markedly from the day, as it implies a preliminary softening of the skin under the stream of warm water or using a massage. This warms the skin, is expanding the pores and contributes to a better absorption of the cream;
    However, there are methods that eliminate the use of ready-made creams when caring for your hands in winter - warm oil bath. They heat the surface of the skin and simultaneously feed it.

another little trick of the ideal state of the skin of the hands in the winter - moisturizing gloves. After the bath should be slightly wet hand towel, then put on gloves and do not remove them until the morning. And for those who have strong hands are freezing in the cold even in warm gloves and mittens, recommended to wear thin cotton gloves during the day at the top gloves or mittens. You can also buy a thermo gloves. They belong to the category of thermal underwear and sold in specialized stores and departments for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in particularly harsh environments.

All of these procedures can be done if you are experiencing dryness and peeling due to the winter wind, cold weather, abnormal dryness of the air, etc .. However, it is in winter the hands of many allergy sufferers (on the inner surfaces) covered by cracks due to symptoms of dermatitis. In this case it is better to consult a doctor and receive treatment, but not to eliminate cosmetic defects ordinary winter hand care. When self-medication specific ointments containing steroids (and others. Medicines) can improve the condition of the hands for a short period of time. 

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