Feed it to maintain health during the winter

Feed it to maintain health during the winter

Everyone is looking over the winter for a lot of foods, which can through health maintenance, and to avoid excess weight, and some of these foods:

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is the strength of spices, anti-oxidation, anti-microbial, and in addition to the anti-inflammatory properties, they also contain some of the essential oils, and help prevent platelet clumping in blood.

  • Cabbage

One of the most vegetables grants in the winter, and cabbage contains a number of vitamins, as vitamin (c), and (b 6), and fiber and manganese, and omega fatty acids (3), and this gives him the ability to fight cancer, in addition to the Ability to eat it raw, or cooked.

  • Dark chocolate

Chocolate is considered good for the skin, as well as the prevention of heart disease, and arteries.
  • Nuts

Nuts help lower cholesterol, and is considered one of the best foods in the winter, so keep the body in good health, in addition to giving warmth.

  • Kale and leafy vegetables

Containing vegetables, turnips and a lot of fiber, and vitamins, and folic acid, and many of the ingredients that help to survive, properly away from any of the infections, or diseases that may bring winter.
Some foods that could change the mood and more avoid excess weight.

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