Secrets of care for the sensitive skin of the hands in winter

Secrets of care for the sensitive skin of the hands in winter

In the cold period of the hand exposed to particularly adverse effects of the cold or wet, chilly wind in the street, as well as of dried air in the room. The skin on the hands from the port, on it there are cracks, redness, peeling. Need special care for your hands in winter and in cold weather in the fall. If you do not begin to care for the skin, these small troubles can develop into a large, serious problem. In addition, vitamin deficiencies and dehydration in the winter often cause premature aging.

Terms of hand care in winter Mandatory remedies to ensure the protection of high-quality arms, you regularly use two types of cream: nourishing and moisturizing.

Apply these funds should be throughout the day: after any contact with the liquid water - wetting, and before going to the street - nutrients. Wash hands winter best little water at room temperature, because colder water makes the skin tougher, provoking scaling, hotter - degreases, makes the skin drier. Gloves should not be neglected, even if the temperature is above freezing. They are good protectors of the skin of hands from the cold wind. Pamper your skin with extra food every five days, you can pamper your hands this simple procedure:

the evening before going to bed should be rubbed into the skin cosmetic oil, wearing cotton gloves. By morning, the skin becomes silky and smooth. In order to maintain the necessary water balance, you need every day to drink a few glasses of plain water. It is advisable to give up a hot bath and a shower, it is best to go on a warm, then the skin will remain a natural layer of fat.

couple of times a week to do a good nourishing and soothing mask for the skin of the hands, one beaten egg yolk and a teaspoon of honey mixed with crushed oatmeal. This mixture should be massaged his hands for 10 minutes, then the mask should be washed off with water and apply a contrasting vegetable oil on your hands. If you use this procedure on a regular basis, then we have two weeks you will notice positive results: the hands will become soft and tender.

As you wash your hands in winter involves washing hands with liquid mild soap, smearing the skin of hands throughout the day cream at least three times. If the skin of hands noticeably mild irritation, need to buy a cream with chamomile extract that promotes rapid healing of fractures heal redness.

Dry your skin requires the use of a cream with the addition of aloe extract, rough - lecithin or glycerine cream. In the evening, before applying the cream, you should hold little hands in warm water with a solution of baking soda: steamed in your hands cream is absorbed much better, its action will be effective.
A day later, it is desirable to wipe the hands of sour juice of sour cabbage: the hand will be less susceptible to the cold.

To soften rough skin in the cold hands can do such a mask:

A grated raw potatoes should be mixed with a teaspoon of floral honey and half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. The weight must be on hand at least ten minutes and then lubricated hand cream. Almost every day, many are prepared potatoes or rice. It should not pour out the remaining water after cooking, it's an excellent antibacterial and emollient perfectly suited to care for your hands in winter. Just put your hands for five minutes in a warm potato or rice water and allow to dry without washing. Then, it is desirable to apply a nourishing rich cream. Hand care in the winter if redness hands on the street once blush, the redness does not go a long time - it is a signal of a weak, insufficient blood circulation. In this case can help contrasting the bath: be poured into the two containers the water in the first - the hot, the second - a cold, then you need to turn to lower his hands in a bowl every five seconds, but no less than 15 times. Hot water can be replaced with nettle broth and cold.
 Reddened hands, you can save a compress of mashed cabbage leaves: they need to be carefully wrapped around the hands and put on gloves for half an hour.

There is another remedy: 

mix coffee grounds and sour cream, put on your hands, massage and then rinse.
In some women, the skin on his wrists becomes thin and dry. To solve this problem, you can try before bed rubbing his hands with natural interior lard, fish oil. To remove an unpleasant smell after half an hour the skin should be wiped with a slice of lemon.
Good care for your hands in winter provides the carrot mask: it is necessary to add the grated carrots one teaspoon of light olive oil, one full tablespoon of sour cream home. The mask should be applied for ten minutes, then rinse with cool water. With a strong sensitivity to frost hand, before leaving the apartment the skin should be wiped with a mixture of water and glycerol.

In winter, the skin needs a lot of vitamins, especially B vitamins C and A can be present in creams in the form of special supplements, you should also try to eat more foods with vitamins in food. Practical advice on care and whitening wraps hand care Hand Care amplification products in the winter are the best means of paraffin and "plastic" body wraps. It is not necessary to attend to this salon. Quality "plastic wrap" it is possible to do at home calm conditions: you have to put on your skin nourishing hand cream is very thick, then put on plastic bags, wrap your hands with a towel. After fifteen minutes, remove the bags, towels,  desirable to remove excess cream cloth usual. Actions any nutritional tools enhance the friction and stroking movements, improving circulation, increasing the penetration of useful components of creams and masks.
Whiten your hands well with a soft pulp of boiled potatoes, lemon juice, milk. If the skin of hands appeared spots, it is recommended that each spot is often rub lemon juice. Also as remarkable whitening toothpaste recommended a mixture of lemon juice, boiled potatoes, wheat flour in equal proportions. Hands easy to whiten even the tomato mixture of juice with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Traditional medicine recommends the use of whitening parsley. One tablespoon of crushed roots and leaves of parsley need to add water and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes, then strain.
The broth is used to wipe the face, neck, hands in the mornings and evenings. It refreshes the skin, protecting it from the appearance of fine lines, brightens and smooths it. With deep painful cracks in the skin of the hands can apply a wrap: immerse your hands before going to bed for a few minutes in a solution of potato starch, just two tablespoons of starch per liter of water. But before the procedure should be wiped with a crack in the usual cologne, after the bath, it is desirable to grease your hands with a fat cream and put on gloves. It is also recommended to apply for the care for hands winter bath with a detection of flax-seed. To do this, two tablespoons of seeds pour two cups of plain water, then cook until mushy state. Hands should be omitted in this broth for five minutes and without rinsing abundantly lubricate nourishing cream.
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