Protect your hands from cold winter

  Protect your hands from cold winter
In the cold season your skin does become much more rough and starts to peel off. The main reason for this are frequent temperature fluctuations. Due to the frequent change of warm air in the room on the cold street, the skin becomes coarse and rough, can be formed redness, peeling and micro cracks, as well as to increase the number of burrs. Besides dehydration and vitamin deficiency in the winter can cause premature aging of the skin. That is why our hands so require regular specialized care at this time of year.

A cold wind is very adversely affect the condition of the skin, causing dryness, peeling and cracked. In order to ensure the protection of the hands should be regularly used 2 kinds of creams: moisturizing and nourishing.

Apply the funds necessary for the day: moisturizing after each contact with water and nutrients before going out. Wash hands during winter best with water at room temperature, because colder temperatures makes it hard skin and provokes scaling and hot degrease and makes the skin dry. Neglect gloves in the cold is not necessary. They are the main defenders of the hands of the wind.

In the cold season, significantly increasing the number of burrs. Therefore, in the winter it is necessary to increase the number of visits manicurist at least two times a month. In addition, you need to constantly further care for your hands at home one or two times a week, use a scrub to accelerate skin regeneration and hydrating mask. Exfoliating horny layer of skin is removed, allowing the penetration of active ingredients of creams and nourishing masks is greatly improved.

In winter, our skin and nails are affected by a lack of vitamins, trace elements and dehydration. As a result, the nails start to exfoliate and cuticle cracking. Coping with these challenges will best help the special nutritional oil for hands and nails. They provide essential vitamins and hydration, as well as contribute to the sealing and bonding bundles, causing the nail plate becomes much stronger.

To enhance the effect of the preparations in the winter are considered the best means of plastic wraps and paraffin. Moreover, the plastic wrapping can be made and at home: Apply to hands nourishing cream with a thick layer, then put on plastic bags and wraps his hands in towels. Actions nutrient resources to the skin reinforce any stroking and rubbing movement. After 10-15 minutes, remove the bags and towels to remove excess cream can be plain cloth.
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