Oil for beautiful eyelashes

Oil for beautiful eyelashes
  Beautiful eyelashes as well as hair and require constant maintenance. To cilia were flexible, fluffy, long recommended that each time after cleansing, nourishing oils to pamper them.

The most effective means for the care of eyelashes Aestheticism find:

Oil for beautiful eyelashes
- Castor oil - strengthens eyelashes and improves their growth and prevents hair loss.

- Peach, olive, burdock, buck-thorn oils contain vitamins and minerals to supply the eyelashes.

- Wheat germ oil, almond oil, fish oil - ideal for the growth of eyelashes

- Coconut, flax-seed, Dog rose oil - moisturize and nourish lashes and prevent hair loss.

- Rose oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the eyelids.

A mixture of several nutritional oils affects especially the eyelashes effectively. The oil eyelashes often added a few drops of vitamin A or E in solution, as well as extracts of medicinal herbs - daisy, calendula, parsley, aloe, carrot juice.

How to apply oil on eyelashes

Mix equal proportions of some of the above oils. Clean eyelashes mascara using cosmetic milk (you can remove ink using castor oil). Moisten a cotton swab and gently nourishing oil, apply it to the eyelashes so that nothing gets into the eyes. You can also use a brush from the old carcasses. After 2 hours, remove the oil with a dry cotton swab.
To prevent breakage and loss of eyelashes, use nutritious blend of oils at least 2-3 times a week.

Useful recipes for home care for lashes

Oil balm for eyelashes and eyelid skin: castor oil, tincture of calendula and chamomile in equal proportions. Balsam not only strengthen the lashes, but also help relieve swelling around the eyes, relieve inflammation.

Compress for eyelashes and eyelid skin: Mix equal parts of castor oil, chopped parsley and the juice of aloe. Apply the mixture on the eyelids pat daily for 1 month.

Herbal lotion: wash the eyes with cold broth chamomile, cornflower; sage, or just tea brewing. This is an excellent nutrition and hydration to lashes.

Stimulator lash: composition: castor oil, almond oil, olive oil and burdock, fish oil, several drops of a solution of vitamin E and / or A in oil. Pour mixture into a bottle and use on a daily basis for a month. The result will be pleasantly surprised.

Oil mixture for the growth of eyelashes: 1 tsp burdock and castor oil, a few drops of Vitamin E in oil, 3 drops of fresh aloe juice. Apply the mixture on the lashes every night at 2:00. Before going to bed is essential to remove the oil.

Sea buck-thorn oil mix with castor in equal parts. Apply to clean eyelids for 2-3 hours. The tool is excellent softens lashes, makes them fluffy and strengthens.

Oil of rose hips on a roll of eyelashes: hips grind, mix 1 resulting mass with sea buck-thorn and burdock oil (2 tablespoons). Place mixture in a dark place for 10 days. Lubricate the resulting oil eyelashes every day.

Be careful when applying any oil on the lashes, make sure that nothing got to the mucous eye. You will feel an unpleasant oily film on the eyes, that would be difficult to wash off with water. In addition, the eye may appear edema.
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