how to get rid from hair fall

how to get rid from hair fall

Hair loss - is a serious problem, especially for women. Very often, when the hair falls out, start small inner discomfort and panic. 

One woman started it all quite banal. Every time she woke up, then on the pillow discovers more and more hair and then one of these days, she is still tired and she decided to get rid of it. 

Here is the tip, which is very well help in this.

In such proportions as the 1: 3: 3: 3 Take brandy, onion juice, decoction of burdock root, egg yolks. Just like the figures in order. All of this mix and whisk until smooth. Rub it in his head, and on top Wrap bag and a towel. Doing so is necessary once every seven days for two hours.
it will help you to stop hair fall in few weeks and make your hair healthy as you want.
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