Eat and Lose Weight with Dates

Eat and Lose Weight with Dates
Despite its sweetness dates can become a reliable assistant in the fight against excess weight.

Many of us often refuse too sweet fruit, referring to the fact that the product is very sweet calories in itself and as a result leads to the fullness. This is absolutely not applicable to the fruits of which we'll talk about today - Dates.

Dates have a very sweet taste, after a five-eaten fruit no longer want to eat more, comes only thirst. It is, The dates contains fructose and glucose, as well as riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, B1, B12, vitamin A and C. After this whole set salts and trace elements: zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, sodium , manganese, boron, cobalt, selenium, sulfur, cadmium and aluminum.

Selenium is contained in the fruits of dates, strengthens hair, while the hair does not just become thick, they become silky glare.

Eat and Lose Weight with Dates

With this set of nutrients, dates may well replace a full lunch and dinner. In Muslim countries, the fruit and tamarind credited with miraculous healing properties.
 For a whole month, you can live on dates and water, and the condition of the body will only improve.

It is useful to replace the meat with dates, eating them at least ten pieces per day. Extra pounds will gradually go.
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