to preserve mental health in youth

to preserve mental health in youth

Scientists were able to find out what our mental health is directly related to the appearance of the most common heart disease, cancer and brain damage.

To keep your mind healthy, you need to adhere to the rules.

Firstly, it must regularly feed, that is to choose food that has a positive effect on the brain. Moreover, eating foods low in fat will be useful not only for the mind, but also for overall health. 

Secondly, it is advisable to exclude from the diet of harmful products. In addition, physical activity is indirectly, but also affects the psyche. People leading a sedentary lifestyle, characterized by laziness, lethargy, and other features of his character.

It turns out that your mind is plagued by how often and how much you move. Low physical activity a person leads to depression, feelings of inferiority, envy of other people and so on. D. Alcohol, drug abuse and smoking have a negative impact on mental health.

The health of the human psyche, abusing alcohol, can only say that it is at its lowest level and to change something, you can just completely abandon the use of such products.

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