How do you know your character by your name

How do you know your character by your name

There are many things imposed by the life we ​​started not entered us out, and within these things our names that accompany us from the first moment of rebirth in this life, which is chosen by us (the parents) or other people, Do you know if the name of any role in influencing your life ? Did you know what the meaning of your name and significance? Are you thought that you resemble your name to some extent? This is what we will talk about this in our article.

Whatever the name it will affect the owner; if the name is well it makes the owner socially acceptable, and gives him a good human relations, and bring him personal balanced, but the name was strange or ugly or old and processions of the era; it adversely affects its owner through social relations , and it can bring him some ridicule from the people around him.

It is worth mentioning that the names also affect the children; those who have beautiful names will be their personalities balanced, and will try to become semi-names, but children who have too old or gloss names ridiculous, it creates in them shame, and complications, and could reach the stage introversion.

The psychologists issuing several studies on the names, guidelines, and the proportion of these studies, 56%, and are based on the first letter of the name, and these studies:

    If your name begins with a fiery character, 

(A, e, i, m, p, u, y), the owner impressed with himself, and nervous, and is characterized by vigor and vitality, and arrogant, and perfect, and intelligent, and passionate.

    But if your name begins with one of the dirt-sensitive, namely:

(B, F, Z, n, p, w, z), the owner unpretentious, good-hearted, and patient, and demure, and in the emotions.

    But if your name begins with one of the air-sensitive, namely:

(C, g, K, Q, S, T, J), the owner compassionate, and pensive, and my imagination, and in need of love and romance, and impressionable.

    But if your name begins with one of the water-sensitive, namely:

(D, h, l, p, t, x, g) the owner has much imagination, and simplicity, improves the disposition of things, which is also cream.

It psychologists who say that the first letter of the name in English on the personality of its author shows, and discussed in detail as follows:

• A: You are my work to a large extent, what his plan is what you achieve your goal, but you are impatient, do not fly with joy to any person trying to be nice with you.

• B: likes to receive gifts from beloved, very patient in order to achieve what you wish for, and post your feelings and your feelings and desires control, the ability to fight a adventures.

• C: You are a social, lacks the intimacy and the proximity of the beloved, you are also very sensitive, and you have the patience of what is sufficient for you, and an expert in control of your wishes.

• D: You are impulsive feelings, when you put someone in your mind to be your lover, you do not give up easily this desire, and you are sensitive and sincere, and liberal in your actions, but consciously, but you like to change than others and lose your temper.
• E: You are from people that you need to talk, looking for from listen to you; you need a companion rather than a lover and friend.

• F: You are perfect and choose your pet carefully, as you review and lavish, with that gentleman and a brave and stylish.

• G: You are hard to your satisfaction, looking for perfection in yourself and in the people around you, very active, do not feel tired and fatigue.

• H: You need someone more than your enjoyment of life and fun, generosity of recipes; you are loving and affectionate and thin and strong, and you are very cautious in your relationships.

• I: You enjoy and a sense of well-being, and loves to look and search, the official shall not prolong your relationships often, and no longer the obvious sincerity of your traits, but you are sincere.

• J: successful in establishing foreign relations easily, perfect but lacks faith in love; therefore you need to be watered and sponsors and established in love.

• K: You are secretive and shy and introvert yourself, very attractive and sensitive and compassionate, but you do not allow yourself to be so only with the presence of close friends.

• L: You Romantic copyright, are attracted to the charm and magic of love, enjoying a great deal of mental intelligence.

• M: You are the people who arrive at the extreme love easily, you have difficulty in expressing yourself, and you'll overcome selfish character, the basic desire is to win no matter what it cost you.

• N: You are emotional and sensitive and imaginative, all you want to do is neutral person with you in the passion, you completely believe in freedom, and your stock of inexhaustible energy.

• O: You are very inclined to participate in recreational activities, but you secretive and shy in the declaration of interest to you, can orient your energies in making wealth and glory.

• P: You are aware person and poet ethics of your community, do not dare to think about doing his disposal can harm your image or your reputation, and is willing partner in life and Samth cares about its appearance, and is characterized by intelligence.

• Q: stands for the first letter of your name that you need to raise the activity and steadfast, enjoying tremendous mobility card, enjoying the enthusiastic nature and love.

• R: You are the owner of a high behavior, he is able to guide and correct your behavior alone, looking for someone who is compatible with you in brainpower, constantly trying to prove that you are the best.

• S: You are people who prefer to have fun at work, you tend to own property and the nature of jealousy, love to be in the spotlight, you're a sensitive and compassionate and secretive and sometimes emotional.

• T: You are a leading bad feelings, unfold your personality music and dim lights, and you fanciful dreamer, and adheres strongly do you think, does not bother the advice of others.

• U: you tend you enthusiastic character, be very happy when you love, and you always need a new adventure and a sense of enthusiasm because you feel the absolute freedom, care about your appearance and loves to be stylish.

• V: You are not hasty then you can wait until you identify a good person who will be linked to it, people are attracted to your nature eccentric strangers, you have a strong presence when it comes to danger, fear and anxiety.

• W: You are very proud of yourself, and wise in your decisions, but you do not accept the word 'no', stems from the psychological support you inside you.

• X: You constantly need to be living in the exciting, you have the ability to continue in more than one relationship at a time, and can not stop thinking about things.

• Y: You are very sensitive and independent of yourself, and that has not been able to do things by your own words you can forget about the whole subject, you have the need to prove yourself that you are the best, and always need to know the reaction of others to your efforts.

• Z:
You are very romantic, but you do not show your feelings easily, are trying by all means to relieve your pet, and you are very social.
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