Heart Nail Art

Heart Nail Art

Nail art is very popular among the women of fashion. Like the previous one did not like the color ranate neilapalise nails. Many more women are all great fans of nail art. Some managed to neilaarta itself, and is common in many neilaartera went to the parlor for a lot of money was spent neilaartera. But here at home neilapalisa there, then do not remove itself a neilaarta beautiful. No hassle beautiful 'Heart Neil art can itself very easily and in a little time. Let's learn the technique.

Which will:

- To base your choice of white or light-colored neilapalisa
- Heart of red, pink and white neilapalisa (here the shade of the heart has been drawn, you can also just the color of the heart)
- General wide and put scotch tape
- Kemci
- Sponge (applicable for shade, one color is not needed)
- Transparent neilapalisa


- The first part of the eighteenth and put scotch tape on the opposite side of the two-folded and cut according to the size of the nail of the middle portion of the small or large cut in the shape of a heart.
- Base of the fingernails and dry and apply light to Neilapalisera.
- Base to dry the nails and put scotch tape on the top of the cut to the heart of your choice (here, along with the placement).
- If you want to suggest a heart sponge shade above red, pink and white shades with neilapalisa does not make it (the video). Cut the sponge at the heart Take neilapalisa pressed down. If you consider only the color of one color neilapalisa hooked fingernails and put scotch tape.
- Somewhat dry before you carefully remove and put scotch tape. When completely dry, remove the top of the transparent Neilapalisera coat. Drug addiction was wonderful in "Heart Neil art.
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