Numbness in fingers and hands

Numbness in fingers and hands

It seems numb hands and fingers was now not only a problem for the elderly. It so happens that it is the working-age people, and even in the prime of life, wakes up in the morning - and his hands numb, and also hurt.
If it is related to posture during sleep, it can be a little warm up and calm down, and if there are increasingly numb and at the same time for no apparent reason - it's worth thinking about.

Causes numbness of fingers and hands

Today, numb hands and fingers began to explain the occurrence of the disease is often called carpal tunnel syndrome. In most cases, the disease occurs in people who are constantly operating in one position, the straining hands - for example, a computer. It appears not only numbness, but also burning, and pain in the fingers.The cause of the disease - a pinched median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel. From the long, monotonous work there swelling and inflamed tendons - they can pinch the nerve. First numbness is only in the morning, but then if you do not pay attention to the issue, his hands numb and sore during the day and at night.
Numbness of the hands can also be caused by endocrine problems, injuries, arthritis, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine.It is clear that it is impossible to determine the cause of their own: that's why should see a doctor - at least in order to make a diagnosis. This issue deals with a neurologist, he conducts the necessary tests, analyzes and assigns a special survey using appropriate equipment.It is true diagnosis will help in time to start the correct treatment - otherwise we lose the mobility of hand and fingers.When osteochondrosis often numb fingers on one hand. In this case, the doctor usually appoints pills and ointments to relieve swelling and inflammation, but sometimes requires surgery.
Raynaud's disease - another reason numbness. Typically, at this disease numb fingers of both hands. It is caused by a violation of the microcirculation of blood in them. Fingers while no particular reason begin to freeze, get sick and pale in the cold - it happens at an early stage of the disease.
Another cause of numbness - polyneuropathy. This disease affects the nerves of the hands and fingers.Polyneuropathy, in turn, may be due to diabetes, and begins to develop even with a slight increase in blood sugar. Provoke the disease can also anemia, hypovitaminosis, infection and characteristics of professional activity.

Sometimes a good idea to help ordinary jogging, walking briskly, gymnastics, aerobics.

Gymnastics against numbness of fingers and hands

A small set of morning exercises will help get rid of the numbness of the fingers and hands. In it only a few exercises and the first can be done without getting out of bed.Lying on your back, raise your hands up, and about 80 times, squeeze and uncompress fingers.Then stretch your arms along the body, and repeat the tightening - this is the second exercise.Third - based on his toes, stand face to the wall, put your hands up, and wait a minute or so. Repeat several times.Fourth - standing at full stop, reduce hand back to the castle, and hold for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.
It is necessary to impose on the whole arm in the form of heat - from the shoulder, and the top to wrap up a woolen scarf. The procedure is repeated until there will come relief.

Another way of dealing with numbness of the fingers - a woolen thread. It should just tie on your wrist, and wear until they get better.
The following method for some reason called by Tibetan monks, but the important thing is that it works. The bowl is necessary to pour hot water, and in turn apply pressure with his fingers on the bottom. Numbness passes quickly, and the fingers become sensitive.
Very good help to contrast baths for hands. In a container pour the cold water, and in another - hot, as much as you can tolerate, but do not get burned. You can take two deep bowls or small buckets; first arm is lowered into a container, then the other at intervals of a minute. During the day, such procedure can be repeated 2-3 times.
Amazing properties of black pepper were known thousands of years ago: it is able to thin the blood and improve blood circulation, dissolve clots, stimulate metabolism. Black pepper is very rich in vitamin C - it there a few times more than oranges; calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and Group B.

If numbness of the hands black pepper is also very effective:

 you can take the pepper, but it is better to grind - so it saved all biologically active substances. It is necessary to fill 100 g of freshly ground pepper 1 liter of vegetable oil, put on low heat and simmer 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. When the mixture has cooled, it is rubbed into the hands and fingers several times a day, and after a while the pain and numbness retreating and then completely disappear.

More can be prepared a means for the reception inside: put in a 0.5 liter bottle or jar crushed fresh garlic that she filled on 1/3, and fill to the brim with vodka. Place the jar for 2 weeks in a dark place, and shake it every day. When the infusion is ready, it should be taken within a month, 5 drops 3 times a day, mixed with 1 tsp water.

Very simply preparing rubbing of ammonia (50 ml) and camphor (10 ml) of alcohol. The ingredients can be purchased at any pharmacy, mix them with 1 liter of cold water, shake, and rub your hands and fingers.
Charging finger against numbness
When the numbness is caused by monotonous work, you need to do exercises for the fingers - preferably several times a day.
These exercises are very simple and will not take much time, but then do not have to go to doctors and to use radical methods of treatment.pressing his palms together, clenching and unclenching his fists;just pressed his hand, cross your fingers, and a few times bend and straighten them;put your hand on the table so that the brush hanging off the edge. Holding the hand still, move the brush up and down;with the power of a fist, squeeze, hold a few seconds, then straighten the fingers. Then every finger, perform this exercise: bend the first phalanx of the first, then second, and then bend your finger so that the tip can reach the middle of the palm;Keep your thumb still, in turn, tap it with his other fingers. Repeat several times, both hands at once.Prevention of numbness of fingers and hands
Treat numbness of the hands is not easy, so it is best not to allow the development of the disease, and time to take care of prevention.Joints and blood vessels are affected by alcohol and nicotine, salty, spicy food, and too many spices.Therefore it is necessary to adopt a more healthy lifestyle, but instead of refined foods to eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs.

Always wear so that your hands do not freeze, and discard the synthetic gloves.Be sure to arrange outages: preferably every 40-45 minutes. Do warm-up, shake hands, turn the tassels - carry out any exercise, activates blood circulation. numbness may be only a consequence, and talk about the possibility of stroke, deterioration of blood vessels and joints, diabetes and other underlying causes.
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