Healthy Family

Healthy Family


The connection between what we eat and our health is well known for a long time, and most people now realize that their food somehow affects the body.

Good food and the pleasure of food, play an important role in maintaining the health.

Good nutrition plays a major role in resistance to stress, prevention of disease and promotion of health and feelings of well-being.
Some people need to pay special attention to their diet, as the demand for nutrients and vitamins, they can be increased. These categories of people:

  •  recovering from illness or reparation of Pour in force after surgical intervention
  •  chronically ill.
  •  Persons who are in a stressful situation stewed or carrying capacity.
  •  abusers or alcoholics smoking golnymi drinks.
  •  Mothers of young children.
  •  Pregnant or nursing mothers.
  •  Residents of big cities experiencing effects of environmental pollution.
  •  Persons taking their prescribed medication aye drugs, such as antidepressants.

Style food in many countries of the West can not be on the call healthy. In general, there is a tendency excessive consumption of certain types

Dov food containing a lot of fat, sugar and salt. This causes a number of problems.36 percent of the population are overweight. The problem of excess weight more sharply for men than women whose levels of vitamin C and iron in the blood is usually below normal.

 Food, which generates huge benefits Modern food - whether it is useful for your health?

Unfortunately, the food is not the same now as it was before! After World War II there were intensive methods of cultivation of agricultural products, based on the use of huge amounts of pesticides, nitrogen, chamber. - Potash and phosphate fertilizers. These chemicals not only impoverish the soil, but also are a source of food contamination. High yields are achieved through the massive use of fertilizers, which, in turn, create ideal conditions for the breeding of harmful insects and diseases. In nitrogen-rich soils rapidly proliferating mold, fungus and aphids are often carriers of viral diseases.

we produce more than we can consume, as a result, we obtain food not as tasty as it could be, in addition, it can be stored for years, losing freshness and losing vitamins. Without a doubt, a lot of health useful to have freshly prepared food from the Natueral products have slowly and getting Udo discontent from the food. If you are concerned, you eat, regardless of the reason that caused the demon, you can benefit of keeping pisey of food eaten for about weeks.

Nutritious food - a few recommendations

There are some basic principles to keep in mind if you want to eat healthy, to feel cheerful and healthy.
The first and most important principle - to give enough time eating. Now, many are addicted and semi ready to eat food; most people believe that they can not afford to spend hours cooking. However, once you pick yourself time to eat, it is important to relax during the meal. Quiet, attentive attitude to food contributes to a better absorption of nutrients. Eat slowly, staying focused and concentrating on food. Then you probably feel that you have eaten enough and decreases the likelihood of overeating. Good mood and good physical condition improves digestion.

Another important point - the confidence that all of the nutrients you consume will be learned. Some kinds of products, if they eat together, prevent the absorption of a number of nutrients.

Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks have a strong inhibitory effect on the absorption of iron and zinc. It is best not to drink these beverages during the meal, and wait a little and drink, for example, coffee or later find a replacement for such beverages. Minimize the use of alcohol.

some of the most useful types of food

  1.  Apricots, peaches
  2.  Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts and cabbage
  3.  Carrots
  4.  Citrus
  5.  Fish, particularly oily, egg herring, mackerel, salmon
  6.  Garlic
  7.  Oats
  8.  Olive oil
  9.  Lentils
  10.  Nuts
  11.  Blackcurrant
  12.  Mango and papaya
  13.  polyunsaturated margarine
  14.  Pepper
  15.  Prune
  16. Peas
  17.  Wholemeal bread, flour and pasta.

Good nutrition also involves:

  •  Quitting smoking.
  •  Minimal consumption of sugar and refined Bathrooms carbohydrates.
  •  Moderate consumption of both animals and pastitelnyh oil - reduced to 75% of the ordinary amount of a; Try to eat less heattion, cakes, sausages, meat preserves 
  •  Eat more fiber food - it helps get rid of constipation and promotes Health (food with high millstands Kamchatka are legumes, fruits, vegetables and cereals wheat, oats, barley, rye).
  •  Try to vary the menu, the food should appetizing.
  •  Eat enough, but not too much

food rich in proteins. This is lean meat, fish, eggs, poultry without the skin, nuts, peas, beans, Thchevitsa, green beans, and whole grains.
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