Apples for pain in the stomach

It is generally accepted that an effective remedy must necessarily turn out bitter, nasty taste. Do not be sad, every rule has exceptions. To treat inflammation of the stomach can not only medication, but still:

  •     natural juice;
  •     honey;
  •     herbal infusions or decoctions;
  •     fruit.

Apples are useful in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, at low pressure, skin diseases, with poor eyesight. These fruits regulate splitting certain acids, contain pectin, as well as substances that help the body absorb iron.

Apples are not the same properties, determines the characteristics of the variety. Gastritis is desirable not to give preference to yellow and red and hard green apples

Several green apples


Rub 2 apples on a fine grater, resulting slurry eat on an empty stomach for 2-3 hours before eating food and drink. In case of violation of the recommendations instead of good you risk damage to achieve - enhanced gas production. The same threat occurs if treated before bedtime.

Even easier - within a month fasting morning drink a glass of juice combined (half a glass of apple, half a glass of carrot).

And the following recipe -, and that the method is safe only in the case of its use after a detailed consultation with a physician.

You need to mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, the same mixture of honey and pour a glass of water. Drink composition need for half an hour before a meal twice a day.

Treatment of apples for maximum efficiency, it is desirable to combine with additional vitamin therapy.
What should be the "correct" an apple?

Firstly, fresh. If you cut it last night, and this morning decided to finally eat something, do not count on a powerful healing effect.

Secondly, thoroughly - with soap and water, boiled - washed. Thirdly - without Gniltsy. Even if the rotten one flank, it is not a good indicator.

Be warned that you should not eat bones - they are high enough poisonous prussic acid, under the influence of which may be impaired function of the central nervous system.

Apple has another advantage - despite the sweetness, they are low in calories. One fruit contains from 40-50 kcal. Eat to your health, do not worry for the figure! Apples perfectly fit into a diet for weight loss with inflammation of the stomach.

Treatment of apples it is advisable to combine with regular oil enemas. It is also important not to disturb the desired result messy and ill-conceived power.
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