protect your heels from cracking

protect your heels from cracking
People, who are fat, more stress on the heel, so that the skin there spread laterally and therefore level to cracked heels and heel fissures. Standing for a long time also causes the skin to spread at the heels and crack. Open-backed shoes can have the same effect.

If your ski is dry and cracks on your heels, you need a plan for treatment before the condition get more badly. 
Before you treat moisturizers on the heels, remove the hard skin that has been built there, otherwise the moisturizers will have no effect.

Use Proper creams for your feet, and keep your heels moisturized as much as possible.

If you shower with a wet pumice stone to take away the rough areas on the heel. Rub the moisturizer into the heel, before you go to bed, and wear soft cotton socks to keep overnight in the humidity. Take more foot cream after work or in the middle of the day.
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