how to keep your skin healthy

how to keep your skin healthy

  •  Regular cleaning with milk:

Regular cleansing is very necessary, because it will clean the makeup, so bacteria will not be able to accumulate. So cleaning in the morning and evening is very significant.

  •     Milk is the best cleanser:

Water is unable to remove the special effects of creams and makeup, so for this intention always use cleansing milk. Rub the cleansing milk with your fingertips or a sponge and leave it for awhile, then rinse with warm water
  •     Regular exfoliation is best for rosy complexion:

Use good quality scrub to remove the dead skin cells, without irritating the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Be sure to use scrub suitable to your skin type.

  •     Masks:

Masks are very effective, especially mask contains moisture contents is best for your skin, because it will keep your skin softer and smoother. Chamomile and lemon is the best for sensitive skin, its soothing effects keep the skin bright and healthy.

  •     Night creams helps in regeneration

Night creams are very helpful in the regeneration process of the skin, so don't skip night creams.

  •    Sleep well

8 hours of sleep per night is most advantageous.

  •    Drink lots of water at least 10 glass of water.

Drink the best water or unsweetened tea.

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