10 tips for beautiful and healthy skin

 beautiful and healthy skinClean healthy skin - one of the most important aspects of beauty. From simple nutritional advice to funds to clean and improve the skin - all of these ideas will help you take care of yourself, to postpone the manifestation of wrinkles and protect your body from various diseases, which can irritate the skin. If you follow these tips carefully and regularly, you will notice the effect very soon.

  •  Before you start skin care, it is necessary to determine its type.

 Because cosmetic products - from soap to moisturizers - designed for a specific type of skin they have their pH and therefore have different effects on the skin.

  • Drink more water.

You've probably heard this advice many times already and are already tired of it. But do not underestimate its importance. Hydrated skin is elastic; it is better protected against infection and has a high resistance to the formation of wrinkles

  • Clean your skin regularly (1-2 times a day).

This advice is especially useful when you leave the house, and on your skin affected by negative factors such as dust, dirt, bacteria. Always Wash your face with water at room temperature, do not do it too cold or hot, because such extreme temperatures can only do harm.

  •  Be gentle with your skin.

Even if you are undergoing peeling, do not rub your skin with force and do not stretch it. Skin should not be covered with scratches or inflamed, it should be easy to clean abrasive pad or a special cream for your skin type. If you pay a lot of time cleaning process of the skin, it does not mean that this method works, or that nutrients are more easily penetrate the skin. Should not rush when it comes to skin.

  •  Always keep your skin hydrated.

Follow this rule, especially in the case of too high or low temperatures. Dry skin fade quickly from lack of moisture appear micro fractures, irritation, cracks. In addition, dry skin completely unattractive. Choose a moisturizer with a pH, which is suitable for your skin type, and do not change the makeup is holding.

  •  Do not use soap.

Soap is suitable only for the rest of the body, and after use should be carefully washed off with water. Not every cleanser or gel for your skin, and stay away from products with very low or high pH. Choose foods with pH.

  •  Protect your skin from the sun's radiation.

Recently, UV light has been particularly harmful to the skin. Therefore, when skin is in contact with sunlight is recommended to use protective cream (even if the street is clear, experts recommend apply sunscreen). UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancer, so that the humidifier selects a higher level of protection.

  •  Sleep and movement.

This magic combination will not only lead you to good health, but also to ensure the health of the skin, reduce wrinkles and helps increase the elasticity of the skin. Your skin needs rest and exercise.

  •  Properly treat skin diseases.

If you notice any irritation or pimple, from which no escape, black spots or other signs of anxiety, consult a dermatologist. Often tools designed to combat these "illnesses" of the skin, can only aggravate the situation, and consistent treatment has no effect.

  • Reduce stress levels - important!

Stress harm the skin, so do everything not to succumb to it. A warm bath, a walk, relaxing music or other method to keep stress under control, fit and help the health of your skin.

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