Useful and effective green tea

Useful and effective green tea
Everyone knows how much green tea is useful and what is it better to drink more. But few know fully about all the beneficial properties of this wonderful drink.

  • Cheerfulness is above All


Since green tea contains a large amount of nutrients, it can miraculously act on the human body as a whole and to show some therapeutic and restorative properties. It's no secret that green tea gives a burst of cheerfulness, increases active, as well as mental and physical performance.

  • Green tea - pure antioxidant


This tea is an excellent antioxidant, improves metabolism and digestion, removes toxins from the body and promotes the breakdown of fat. Green tea helps to lose weight and lose weight. Thanks to its use weight loss occurs naturally and is not harmful to health. Tea is able to reduce blood sugar levels, which also plays a key role in weight loss and a healthy body. Antioxidants in turn perfectly rejuvenate the skin and improve its color.


  • Scientifically proven medicinal properties of green tea


Green tea has repeatedly been subjected to medical research, and now all physicians and scientists with certainty tell how useful green tea and it is scientifically proven. For example, the tea can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, the formation of caries on teeth, kidney stones, and also helps prevent cancer. And lowering cholesterol levels observed in the body. The study, which was conducted in the University of Technology in Israel, showed that green tea can fight with Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's.

  • Green tea for your beauty


In addition to the beneficial properties of green tea as a drink, there are a number of useful properties of his own, but as a cosmetic product. For example, through the use of green tea for hair they will be more robust, strong, healthy and stop falling out. In turn, the application of facial masks based on green tea, the skin becomes more elastic, moisturized and rejuvenated.

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