Unusual use of toothpaste

Unusual use of toothpaste
Many popular ways to use the usual things not for their intended purpose are known to our grandmothers. Creativity and natural savvy suggest sometimes unexpected solutions.
Modern man has become accustomed to diversity and abundance, a woman can hardly imagine that her grandmother used only one type of cream to any part of the body that many funds were universal.

In times of shortages sometimes people come up with amazing ways to use familiar everyday objects and substances. Who can be surprised by the ability to ignore the stereotypes and originality of their thinking, but sometimes it is not harmful, and try to use the tips.
For example, this familiar to everyone since childhood thing as toothpaste can serve not only as a means for cleaning teeth, but also benefit in everyday life. Especially useful are the secrets of his grandmother's travelers, cottagers and lovers of nature. And in the house do not always have everything you may need, and toothpaste is always there at your fingertips.

In toothpastes include various nutrients: light abrasive, whitening, anti-inflammatory, flavoring. These properties determine the scope of the additional use of the paste.

Cleaning and whitening toothpaste using

  •     Using toothpaste can cope with spots from tea and coffee, remaining on the walls of mugs to wash lipstick with a tissue.
  •     The bleaching properties of the paste used for the recovery of the skin in white color of things (including the side of the shoe).
  •     Silverware perfectly clean toothpaste. One only has to put it on the surface and leave it for 2-3 hours.
  •     If the solution is a little pasta water, you get a wonderful solution for the treatment of glass and mirrors from fogging. And with the help of toothpaste can draw snowflakes on a mirror or glass.
  •     Polishing properties of toothpaste can also be used not only on the teeth, but also in the household. Solution toothpaste perfectly polished chrome surfaces, sinks, faucets. It can be rubbed away drawings with pencils and markers painted walls.
  •     Baby bottles well washed paste to remove the odor of sour milk.


Treatment with toothpaste


  1.     In cosmetology, you can use anti-inflammatory properties of the paste: pimples, lubricated for the night, in the morning dry up and reduced in size.
  2.     Minor burns or corn as "subjects" treatment paste, provided that there is an open wound.
  3.     Toothpaste prevent the development of herpes on the lips, if you put it at the beginning of the rash, itching relieve insect bites.
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