Secrets of the therapeutic use of aloe

Secrets of the therapeutic use of aloe
Aloe  is one of the most popular houseplants that have useful properties. It was grown on a windowsill for a long time as a valuable drug, which is always at hand.

our grandmother, great-grandmother and our know that to grow aloe house needed - at any time may be needed to eliminate the effects of trauma or burns, treat callus on foot or pimples on the face. Comfortable family doctor is always at hand, always ready for use.

Among the useful properties of agave - the ability to heal wounds and treat diseases of the skin, to help in diseases of the digestive system. Aloe bacteriostatic properties against many groups of microbes: staphylococcus, streptococcus, diphtheria, typhoid and dysentery sticks used in the gastro-intestinal disorders, is used for cleaning the digestive system, liver, gall bladder and kidney. Also suitable for the treatment of purulent wounds, burns, abscesses and boils. And it is useful for diseases of the throat, mouth and gums.

Very often the agave juice is added to the face mask and hair. It contains substances that help maintain skin elasticity and firmness, speed up hair growth and strengthen their shine.

 The easiest way to use fresh juice and pulp plants that retain all the benefits of aloe. To do this, cut along leaves, the raw material used for the topical treatment of skin.

There are many folk recipes healing potions and flasks. But if you properly prepare them, then the beneficial properties of aloe may increase.

Secrets of the therapeutic use of aloe

To improve metabolism, you can use these recipes with aloe:

    Fresh aloe juice (15 grams) mixed with red wine (350 grams) and honey (250 grams) - put the mixture in a cool dark place for 5 days. Take this medicine before eating better tablespoon.
    A mixture of scrolled grinder leaves agave, shelled walnuts, lemon, honey and butter helps fight beriberi, rickets in children.

For respiratory diseases, flu, throat infections grandmother healing recipes with aloe will help not only to lift immunity, but also to fight the disease:

    Infusion of sage - prepare an infusion of dried sage, add the fresh aloe juice, shake well and infuse for three hours. Need to use the infusion in the form of heat.
    Infusion with lemon - finely chopped lemon mixed with a liquid or melted honey, add to the mixture and spoon broth Hypericum aloe juice. Drink the mixture should be eating.

In diseases of the mouth and gums used this recipe:

    Gruel made with fresh, crushed leaves of aloe stand for an hour, giving the juice drain. The formulation is then put on the fire, boil and give cooled. Rinse your mouth with such a composition should be in periodontitis - useful properties of aloe to help get rid of the inflammation and to stop bleeding from the gums. You can also use fresh juice of the plant, diluted with water.

In the treatment of diseases of the digestive system do the following:

    Honey, olive oil, aloe juice mixed in equal parts and kept in a water bath for three hours. Ostuzhennoy structure stored in the refrigerator and use in gastritis and gastric ulcer.

With the depletion of the body:

    100 ml of aloe juice, 100 g of walnut kernels, 100 g of honey, 100 ml of lemon juice. All thoroughly. Take 1 dessert spoon half an hour before a meal. Those who increased acidity, it is recommended to cook the mixture without lemon juice, and take in the same mode and doses.
In diseases of the stomach:

    In gastric ulcer is recommended to eat 2 times a day a piece of aloe leaf (length of about 5 cm), thoroughly chewing. This should be done on an empty stomach half an hour before a meal. Aloe has a bitter taste, so if there is too much for it in its pure form, it is possible to have a snack honey. The course of treatment lasted for 3 months, and if necessary, repeat in a month. Just such a procedure is useful when prodelyvat heavy nosebleeds;
    chronic gastric ulcers and gastritis is useful to take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals freshly prepared aloe juice. Prepare juice as follows: twist in a meat grinder and filter through a thick cloth, and then boil for 3-4 minutes. Storing the juice can not be, so it needs to be prepared before each meal.

Healing of deep cuts and wounds festering well contribute packs of fresh juice and pulp of aloe leaves. If this is incised wound enough to make it a piece of gauze, heavily soaked with fresh aloe juice and roll up bandage periodically as the need to change again soaked gauze aloe juice. In the case of purulent wounds instead of gauze with aloe pulp is necessary to apply aloe leaf (leaf freshly cut peeled and used transparent pulp), which will not only disinfect and heal the wound, but also pulling pus inside.

For the treatment of facial masks are used:

Mask for oily skin: lemon juice, agave juice and whipped egg white applied to the face. Aloe juice - a great tool for cleaning and then narrowing.

The mask for aging or dry skin: a mixture of aloe, glycerin and water enriched grind oatmeal. Mask has a rejuvenating effect - used stimulating beneficial properties of aloe.

Mask of acne: gauze should soak fresh aloe juice and apply on face for half an hour. Treatment takes a month - the first 7 days of daily, then every other day, last week, two times a week 2.

Mask for normal skin: a mixture of fresh aloe juice and cream, connected in a ratio of 1: 1, refreshes the skin and improves its color. This mask can be applied both morning and evening after washing. When applying best use cotton or gauze.

Mask for problematic inflamed skin: skin condition can be improved by applying daily for 15 minutes the mask of fresh aloe juice and egg white (1 protein 2 tablespoons of aloe juice).
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