Running up the stairs

Running up the stairs

Running up the stairs, above all, a great cardio. Such training available to almost everyone, because enough to go to his house and you're ready for classes. It's no wonder many are steppers and ladders that mimic this very familiar to residents of high-rise buildings work. The effectiveness of running the stairs proved, calories burned start from the first minutes of training, and fat deposits to leave after half an hour of ups and downs. Just one hour of training can lose up to 900 calories. In addition, running up the stairs can be alternated with strength training, making the training more effective at times. However, everything needs a reasonable and correct approach. And running up the stairs requires some training.


In order to run the stairs up and down did not cause severe pain in the side or dizziness, it is necessary to do warm-up . In this case, attention should be paid to exercise the legs. This waving and bending at the knee. Of course right "to conquer the summit" staircases impossible. At the end of the warm-up is required to climb up the steps exactly as much as allow your health and physical fitness, and then slowly go down. At first, until the body has not developed greater endurance, this is quite enough.

After five minutes, you must run like up the stairs three flights of stairs, then slowly down to the starting position. This should be repeated three times, then you can take a short break or switch to other exercises. Well, if more force anything is missing, then finish the workout.

If you have a break, it does not mean you have to sit or stand and do nothing. To move. Break should not exceed one or two minutes. But the number of approaches for launching and recovery must be determined on the basis of their physical fitness. Do not get too much zealous and run up the stairs until the pain in the joints or the side. Everything should be in moderation.

Now a little about how much you need to run the steps in one go. There is an important rule. Thus, if at a time will overcome a greater number of stages, it increases the load on the heart muscle and naturally. This is undoubtedly good for athletes. But if the goal is weight loss, then there is no need to hold to. It is better to increase the number of approaches. This will be developed endurance. As a consequence, about half an hour workout begins to burn body fat. This will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in the volume of the thighs, buttocks and waist.

To fit such training

Of course, the benefits of running up the stairs in the entrance of large and difficult to overestimate it. But it is very important to follow all the recommendations and have the required physical training. To really see the result in the balance and to reduce the size of pants, you need to literally how to sweat. To reduce weight, and not just to improve the tone and the heart muscle, unprofessional "athlete" should make ascents and descents at least half an hour. It was a long workout with lots of upgrades allow to burn fat on the hips and sides. However, they are converted to an energy source.

However, running the stairs useful not for everyone. Before you start training properly evaluate their potential. To do this, try to start to run a couple of hops, and then measure your pulse. If it is greater than 140 beats per minute, it will have to forget about the race or practice level increases your body's endurance. It is very well help brisk walking. If you have a pulse less, then you can safely go on a run up the stairs. Unless of course there is no contraindication for health reasons.
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