Manicure at home

Manicure at home
Argued that the man looked at the woman in the first place evaluates the condition of her hands. The main task of any woman - care for your hands as well as for other parts of the body. The best way to maintain a well-groomed and beautiful pen - to make regular manicure.

Manicure at home  a gentle care for your hands and nails, as a result of which the soft tissues become soft, smooth and free of defects. Of course you can apply to special salons, where the master will make you beautiful and high quality manicure, but working with professionals is costly and takes time, which you may not. And then, no one is better than you do not take care of your pens, so feel free to do a manicure at home, because this is no big deal.

Manicure home runs in several stages. It is first necessary to prepare a hand-washed thoroughly in warm water with soap. Do not forget the nails, remove them with paint residues using the dissolving agent. After this you should be armed quality nail file and give shape nails.

An important tip: to file nails only when they are completely dry. It is desirable that a new form of nails is not much different from the natural. File nails in one direction is necessary to prevent further delamination. When the desired shape is achieved, to transgress polishing the nail plate. Use double-sided polishing nail file. One side of relieve nails from ribbing and irregularities, and another grind and prepare to spray lacquer.

The next stage manicure at home - steamed bath. Baths can be different in composition and function. The choice of baths depends on the initial state of your pens. For a relaxing effect is perfect bath on the basis of chamomile and calendula. Bath on Chamomile and Calendula perfectly moisturizes the skin. It is also possible to mix the salt and marine oils. Sea salt is very useful for the recovery of the skin, it softens it perfectly.

After the bath the cuticle becomes soft enough, it can be folded down using an orange stick for manicure and proceed to nail polish. For monochromatic nail varnish is applied at home since the mid nail plate, and only then proceed to the painting over the sides.

Try to do a manicure every two weeks. Especially manicure at home is an affordable in every sense of the word procedure. Do not be discouraged if the first time something does not work. In this regard, the main practice and patience, and after a few sessions, your pen will not just look good, but great. 

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