How to keep your mental health good

How to keep your mental health good

Very hard to stay in good shape, if you eat any muck. The same principle applies to spiritual food. If you spend a lot of time listening to the bad news on TV or talking with negative mood minded, can undermine their mental health and "break". You must understand that the more negative you will be surrounded by, the worse will become feel.

What you feed your mind? What information give him digest? Professional psychologists recommend detoxify the mind, just as we carry out detoxification of the whole organism, namely periodically to get rid of toxic thoughts that accumulate over time and prevent us positively perceive the surrounding reality.
It's one of the ways to keep your mental health. It works on the principle of strengthening the muscles.

How to become more focused and inspired?

So, here's a diet for the mind that will help you keep your mental health and make positive changes in their daily lives:

Remove the word with a negative connotation from its colloquial vocabulary (such as "never", "can not", "will not" and so forth.) Determine when you be more likely to resort to denial and translate them in a positive context of his thoughts or statements. An example of denial: "Everything, I can not run anymore!" Example of positive thinking: "But I can quickly go."

Read half an hour something inspiring, for example any emotional essay or literature on self-improvement.

Spend today without complaint. Neither plug nor rain, nor your hair should not cause a bad mood. Rather than complain, think better than what you can thank fate, and change their attitude to the situation.

Make another step forward! Write 5 main things for which you are grateful, and tell about it to your relatives or friends. Joy - a contagious thing! On this day, you will surely be in a good mood.

Use a marker that you can erase and write on the mirror 5 things for which you love yourself.

Do something nice for a stranger (a compliment, pay for someone, etc.).
Write down in a notebook all the feelings that you will experience during the day: joy, frustration, fears and dreams.

Think of three positive affirmations and repeat them at least three times during the day (for example, "Today is a good day").

Concentrate on what you wanted to do so for a long time, but always postponed. Write a detailed plan of how and when you finish the pending case.

Meet with friends. Invite them to yourself or come together in a cafe.

Do not look, do not read or listen to the news, if they are not inspiring.

Treat yourself today (this may be a new pedicure, haircut or blouse).

Follow today one thing that even a little will improve your health and financial situation - take lunch with them, and do not waste your money on all the small stuff at lunchtime.

Laughter is very good for mental health, so find a reason to laugh heartily. For example, look at some great comedy.

Relax and forget about all the problems: a massage, yoga classes or just take a warm bath.

Exactions your own, and do what you are afraid - a ride on a roller coaster, hold a snake in the hands or speak to a large audience.

Do concentration exercises. Select a positive word and repeat it to myself for three minutes. This meditation is a pretty powerful way to tune in a positive way.

Enjoy the silence alone. Give your phone a husband or a friend and spend at least an hour alone.

(Deep breath!) And turn off everything in the house televisions, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other devices. Explain to family members, that today you will enjoy the only communication and collaboration pastime.

What do you get as a result?

The mind will help you not only keep your mental health, but also to focus on their thoughts, whether positive or negative, their manifestations, and to become more focused, inspired and optimistic person.

In fact, the maintenance of positive thinking. To get as close to a positive perception of the world need a lifetime to improve their mental skills. However,  after which you will realize that even ingrained habits of thinking can be made more adaptable. The whole concept is called neuroplasticity. We are able to retrain our brains and thus change your life!

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