Herbal therapies absolutely certain you can make your hair nice and long. Women with short hair long hair full of desire are not as good because of the lack of care. herbal treatment for hair growth were always present but has not been adopted. But today more and more people are taking advantage of their use.Let us focus on some herbal tips.


 15 best herbal remedies for long hair

 Gooseberry (Amla)

 The herbal herb popularly known as Amla. It really is very effective in controlling hair fall. Today, women's hair with henna, amla powder to do. This natural product is rich in vitamin C.

 Hair herbal massage

 People are rarely hot oil massage is very important for the nutrition of the hair. You are now the hair roots of many herbal massage oils can. For this you can use the coconut oil. To revive the hair roots, and even less with their loss in just 6 months, you'll find the best long hair short.


 Brngraj name of the king of herbs increase the length of the hair of the finest quality. Wash the leaves, make a paste. The powder of the leaves, which can not meet the herbal stores. Add 5-6 teaspoons of the powder in hot water to create a paste and then put in the hair for 20 minutes on.


 Add a few tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in warm water and apply on the hair and then wash after cooling.

 Aloe vera

 Take two tablespoons a day of food extracts of aloe vera and the hairpin of the body will be healthy hair grow spectacularly


 This is a major herbal herb. Prevent aging does away with the gall to blame. Hair loss will be closed from the off.

 Margosa leaves (Neem)

 4 cups water to a boil in the plant. Drain and cool it now leaves and wash the hair with water. This will givae you more good hair.

 Curry leaves and lemon rind

 Collect 15 to 20 curry leaves and rind of a lemon. The soap nut powder, green gram and fenugreek seeds will need. Mix all together and apply on the hair and then rinse with shampoo.


 Some people are not used to drinking more water, the metabolic process is fine. Drinking enough water out of the body are harmful. Keep hair healthy by drinking water regularly and they do not grow any interruption.

 Hina's conditioning

 Henna is a herbal product, strengthen the hair roots and herbs in their gains are sufficient. Find at least once in two weeks.


 There was a time when women were washing their hair would be used for a soapwort. At that time there were no shampoo. Yet at that time were women hair is long and thick. And all of this was made possible by the use of herbal products.


 Nowadays you can get Sikakai powder any organic stores. It just mixed with water and apply the hair get healthy and long hair.

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