Facts and recommendations wishing to get in shape

Facts and recommendations wishing to get in shape

1. Few instantly lose weight.


Many fitness clubs, there are even the so-called three-month program "Revolution of the body", which usually falls on the calendar February-April. So wait for the results in the past month, at least, not worth it, especially because the first month of the organism, in principle, is under stress and just get used to physical activity, as it recalls that "movement is life."

2. When your self-esteem is highly dependent on how much you weigh, you will lose weight, oddly enough, is more complicated.


The fact that there is triggered effect "on the contrary". Therefore, even enrolling in a fitness club or simply deciding on their own to do, for example, to run in the morning, do not criticize too much, but on the contrary, praise even small successes on the way to his ideal.

3. One is a warrior.


it's much better to engage with a friend or partner in life, it motivates you have a common theme. Or at Financial Freedom recommend doing individually with a trainer, you can say that this is the perfect option: each person's body is unique, what works for one may even harm the other.

4. It is very good to keep a diary.


You will be able to fix it as a meal, then to calculate the calories and their achievements, as well as what you feel and what results were achieved.

5. Remember that weight can sometimes stand still, but the figure - to change.


Here it is about the difference: 1 kg 1 kg of fat and muscle. Therefore, it is important to monitor not only the index of weights, but also use for volume measurement centimeter.
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