The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive. Of course, the structure is not particularly distinguishable from the rest of the skin, under the skin of eyelids but virtually no muscle and fat, so it is most prone to stretching, as well the first wrinkles often appear on a skin around the eyes. 

Even if you are still young, and your skin age is in good condition, flat and smooth, do not neglect the care of them.

Caring for the skin around the eyes should begin, the sooner the better. No, it does not mean that you need from morning till night to lubricate its various fatty gels and creams, or by means of premature aging. Just keep in mind that due to the very fine structure, and the estate of subcutaneous fat, the skin around the eyes very quickly becomes dry and loses its elasticity.

And since the skin of the eyelids, while awake, almost always mobile (blinking eyes, facial expressions), then if it is not enough hydrated, stretch marks and wrinkles first not take long to wait. Therefore, the most important element in the care of the skin around the eyes is its moisture, and with the youth.

Treat very carefully to the choice of means for skin care age. Up to 25 years, and even better to 30 (if your skin around the eyes is not in critical condition) should refrain from anti-aging cosmetics.
Try to pick light, moisturizing creams and gels. Well suited for this purpose and special natural oils, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Also pay attention to the composition of cosmetics, as for example, after the funds which include lanolin skin around the eyes may be red, swollen and a bit. Very well, if in creams contain vitamins A and E.

you can, so extra care will only benefit. Of natural cosmetics can easily prepare masks and other means to moisturize and nourish the skin, from circles and a black eye from eye fatigue, molasses, and swollen eyelids, for smoothing the skin around the eyes, and eliminate wrinkles.
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