Domestic tips to remove black spots face

Domestic tips to remove black spots face
Every girl wants to remove black stains on the face is ugly. Long ago, a permanent way to remove these stains was. But now because of new technological changes is difficult to remove these stains.
Well, anything can cause these scars, the scar from the right action can be saved or the scars can be quite handy.
However, these scars can be hidden by makeup, but these measures are not more effective.

There are some home remedies on the stain slowly and deeply impact.

  Fenugreek leaves

 You can make a paste of fenugreek seeds boiled them and can use it on the stain face. Keep the pack on your face 15-20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Lemon juice

     Cotton pads lemon juice on the face then let it soak until the skin is not Layer lemon juice then wash face with warm water. Lemon juice is a natural bleach stopped working face to face shiny black spots appearing creates.

 Sandalwood and rosewater

     Sandalwood and rosewater paste mixture on the face of the stain is seen as effective impact on recruiting. Leave for 1 hour by the paste (it would be better if you leave it all night). Wash thoroughly with cold water to the face followed.

  Olive oil

     Olive oil works phenomenally in skin glow. Using it on a regular basis not only the face but the stains are working less likely to happen in the future is a spike acne.


     Using cucumber skin is healthy and of health. Most cosmetics cucumbers in the presence of some form is mandatory. Also Gooseberry coat of stain also helps lower. Light, low-fat and low oil with the use of cosmetics. There are many makeup cosmetic facial blemishes that can reduce temporarily.

   Ice Cube

         Ice Cube is also used to help remove acne nail. Ice cubes in a cloth and put it on the stain for 10 to 15 minutes daily. This will reduce skin irritation and skin will recover soon.

Aloe vera

     Aloe vera for any defects of the face used to be the most natural substances. Aloe vera plant acne face any spike or to fix any defects known as the miraculous. The juice is used to deal with stains. The regular use of aloe vera also has positive effects on skin color.

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