Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

Did you know that cinnamon and honey is an excellent way to lose weight? Healing and the unique properties of cinnamon and honey have long been known. The use of cinnamon may be the prevention of respiratory diseases, blockage of veins, reduced risk of stroke. Honey helps to improve the blood, improve immunity, suspend the first signs of skin aging, normalizes function of internal organs.
 Cinnamon and honey for weight loss
But only in the last couple of years, these products began to be used for weight loss in order to correction.
It is the interaction of these ingredients together will lead to better overall health and to the loss of extra pounds.

Cinnamon, used for weight loss should not be milled, and as tubes (also called cinnamon sticks). In this form, it retains all its properties. Honey is better to pick unpasteurized.

Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

The easiest method to weight loss using cinnamon and honey can be a glass of warm water in the morning with the addition of a teaspoon of these products.

Well in advance, you can prepare a drink of cinnamon for a couple of pieces of it to pour hot boiling water and infuse for about 7 hours. Then in the morning to add a teaspoon of honey in a glass of this drink and drink on an empty stomach. Store in the refrigerator, to drink more than 1 time per day is not recommended.

Around the need to comply with the measure, if you drink a liter of this drink at once, it does not mean that you instantly lose pounds, it should be gradual. This drink of cinnamon and honey normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, kills parasites and potential pathogenic bacteria. At the same time lose weight, first it will be noticeable in the abdomen, and then in other parts of the body.

Eat this mixture should intermittently after stopping weight loss, it is worth a couple of weeks to suspend the procedure, and then you can resume daily intake of 1 glass - cinnamon with honey will continue to bring your body health and promote weight loss, so beautiful and slim figure pleased you and admire others.

Also worth considering that honey can not fill with boiling water, it will lose all its healing properties of honey. Including in the diet of this drink for weight loss, you can lose weight by 5 pounds in a month, so as cinnamon copes with the burning of fat and honey - cleanses the body. Cinnamon and honey are very useful, but it is worth considering, and contraindications. Not recommended to drink this drink:
  1.     for bleeding
  2.     pregnancy
  3.     headache
  4.     at high blood pressure
  5.     nervous disorders
  6.     women over the age of 50.

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