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The presence of dark, long, fairly dense and beautiful eyelashes always gives our view even more expressive, and even hateful flirtatious.

But, unfortunately, the nature of such eyelashes have not many, so here are various tricks, such as painting and eyelashes, as well as the use of volume or lengthening mascara.

These methods will undoubtedly produce results, but that's just a result of this temporary, and the condition of lashes after all these actions can significantly deteriorate.

For example, after extension, eyelashes, especially if they are weak, can simply go wrong under the weight of false eyelashes, or start actively to fall after their withdrawal.
And even with its natural long thick beautiful eyelashes, you can eventually lose their beauty if completely ignore such a process as caring for lashes.
After eyelashes in their structure - are the same hair.

Care for lashes

On the cosmetology market has not enough resources to care for eyelashes, but we will only natural and folk remedies that can provide lashes not only enough of them to strengthen and nutrition, but also to significantly increase their growth density and volume.



Oil for eyelashes

Let's start with the natural oils that are recommended to lubricate the eyelashes at night.
This can be done using a normal brush from the carcass, of course, thoroughly washed. It is advisable to first apply a drop of oil a finger on the tips of the lashes, and then to gently brush to distribute the oil along its entire length, from the base to the tips, trying to avoid eye contact.

One of the most common oils used for the care of eyelashes is castor oil, which contributes to the strengthening and growth of eyelashes, thereby preventing hair loss.

For the prevention of fragility and loss of eyelashes castor oil is recommended to be applied to the eyelashes for 1 hour, 3 times a week.
A more problematic eyelashes (increased fragility and active loss) castor oil must be lubricated eyelashes every day, every night before bed, and do not wash it until the morning.

To care for eyelashes castor oil can also be mixed with other oils and ingredients.

For example, for even greater power eyelashes and impart a velvety, it is recommended to add the oil solution with castor oil or vitamin E (3-4 drops castor oil - 1 drop of vitamin).

Also for good growth of eyelashes castor oil is recommended to mix in equal proportions with the rum. Just be careful when applying this tool, so that it in no way has got into eyes.

Darker color eyelashes can be achieved by mixing (in equal amounts) castor oil with carrot juice or a strong brew of black tea.

Mixtures of castor oil with other oils for the care of eyelashes:

In addition to castor oil you need to grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, and flaxseed oil. Mix all these oils in equal parts, for example, 1 teaspoon, and pour the mixture into a separate vial.
One can even just castor oil mixed with only one of the listed oils in equal proportions and used for feeding the mixture, and enhancing the growth of eyelashes.

Another oil mixture, which promotes the growth and strengthening of eyelashes:

Mix 1 teaspoon of castor oil and burdock, and add to the mix 3 drops of vitamin E oil, and the same amount of juice extracted from the leaves of aloe.
Apply at night daily for 30 days.

A good way to nourish, soften and fluffy eyelashes is sea buck thorn oil. It can be used as a separate, lubricating them eyelashes daily at bedtime, and mixed in equal parts with other oils, such as castor oil with the same.

At loss of eyelashes good fit this recipe:

Very finely chop the dried or fresh rose hips. 1 tbsp. spoon the resulting mass pour 2 Art. spoons of sea buck thorn oil, and the same amount of burdock oil. Place the dish with a mixture somewhere in a dark place for 10 days, then strain and use the resulting oil for daily lubrication eyelashes.

What more natural and vegetable oils are suitable for power and strengthen weakened eyelashes, it's almond, peach, burdock, coconut and olive oil, rose hip oil, and oil extracts of calendula and chamomile, fish oil or Aevitum in oil.
These oil agents may be used and the like separately or by mixing them.

 oil mixture for the care of eyelashes:


Mix in equal proportions (1 teaspoon), castor oil, chamomile oil, calendula extract and oil. This mixture can be used not only for food and strengthen lashes, but also to mitigate the eyelid skin.
What other tools may be suitable for the care of eyelashes, it's hair products. Indeed, as already stated above, the eyelashes is essentially the same hair. Therefore, if you are fond of folk remedies and homemade hair mask, apply them also to the eyelashes.

Also, do not apply to the eyelashes such masks, which include alcohol, pepper vodka, onions, garlic, and other foods that can cause a burning sensation when hit in the eye.

Too heavy compositions hair masks, for example on the basis of honey, boiled potatoes, yeast, etc. also better not to use mascara.

Conversely, lighter compositions of folk remedies for hair, such as egg yolk, various teas and infusions of herbs, you can safely lubricate and eyelashes.
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