10 Simple Tips How To Maintain Health

There is such an amazing group of citizens, for whom a healthy lifestyle - unattainable dream exclusively due to doubt and laziness.

 To Maintain Health
Many of us about the fresh air and exercise daily read only on a computer screen, habitually on office chair.
And it is for them, we talk about the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, shoot video courses exercises that do not require extra hours a day, and tell how to make your meals healthier without completing culinary colleges.

But often we hear that advice "banal", "are not for everyone" and "unworkable". And the people who keep themselves in good shape, "too much time", "a lot of money" and "a good metabolism." Meanwhile favorite jeans again fastened.

Ten simple tips on how to stop being lazy and find excuses to not to engage in their own health.

  1. Slim and smart people - it's really corny. Because the best recipe "move more and stop overeating" will not work, no plastic surgeon. Fat does not dissolve magical soups and does not appear in the form of slag using dietary supplements. It is necessary to spend on the motion - day after day, week after week. Two to four pounds a month is enough that he did not want to go back as soon as possible.
  2. "good" and "bad" metabolism does not happen. But sometimes disturbed metabolism caused by love to the couch and cake. Well if you do not lose weight - visit endocrinologist, because some of the problems with being overweight caused by disruption of the hormonal system. But it is treated.
  3. Reference does not happen. The ideal figure for magazine illustrations - consequences graphical processing. Although buttocks like a movie star can pump almost anyone. Best improvised - staircase - you outside the door.
  4. A healthy diet - not only for the rich. If you are not the owner of the pig, then lean chicken will always be a better purchase than the pork ribs. A bottle of olive oil enough for a couple of months, if add a tablespoon of salad bowl in the family, rather than each plate. After all, it is high-calorie lard, although useful at times.
  5. Healthy lifestyle - it's not a rejection of all pleasures. Sometimes eat sweets, buy a hamburger and smoked sausage, if you can not do without the intense taste sensations. It is better to pamper the taste buds, not clog them.
  6. Daily physical activity will not deprive you of free time. After all, you can "eat an elephant in parts." Surprisingly, it is found that an attempt to overtake the bus, trudging in a traffic jam to the subway, allows to burn more than 100 calories and only one minutes spent climbing stairs up - as many as 20. And all without departing from the rest, so to speak, of life.
  7. On the bad habits you can always leave. "I can not quit smoking" - it's just an excuse. Without a cigarette or a glass of wine nobody died. But with them - very even.
  8. Do not be afraid of ridicule from others. People of any age and physique, who takes care of his health, has the legal right to consider themselves right.
  9. Separate advice for men. Remember that your body has to produce testosterone, rather than processed products of beer. Therefore, sofa and TV - not your method. It is not necessary to go into the miners or bodybuilders - chopped firewood in the country or jogging in the morning is enough to feel like a man.
  10. Look for the happy moments in every day of his life. After all, happy people live longer and healthier.

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