Cold is a common illness which is caused to most of us with the change in weather.

Common cold can be treated easily using home remedies.

Common cold, as the name suggests, occurs more often than any other diseases. It is actually caused by viruses and in an infection of nose and throat.

However the situation may vary from person to person. It mostly affects the nose but can also extend to ears and affect sinuses and bronchial tubes. It is quite common in school going children as the infection spreads from one person to another.

Symptoms of Common Cold
  1.     Sneezing
  2.     Running nose
  3.     Watering of eyes
  4.     Congestion in nasal track
  5.     Body pain and symptoms of fatigue
  6.     Cough
  7.     Itching in throat or sore throat
  8.     Headache
  9.     Fever less than 102 degrees

Remedies for Common Cold
  •     Keep the body warm especially the chest, throat, feet and head. Sweating is good.
  •     Lime is very useful in common cold. It has Vitamin C that is beneficial for cold with fever also. Take lime juice in warm water and add a teaspoonful of honey to it.
  •     Mix onion juice with garlic oil and dilute it with water. Drink this solution as many times a day as you can. Garlic soup is also helpful and should be taken once a day.
  •     Boil few pieces of ginger in a cup of water. Strain the mixture and drink it hot adding half teaspoonful of sugar. You can also drink ginger tea. It is also useful in soothing your throat and curing common cold.
  •     Cut few ladyfingers into pieces and boil it in water. Inhaling the steam relieves irritation in throat and dry cough.
  •     Turmeric is also considered as an effective remedy for common cold and cough. Add a teaspoonful of turmeric to a glass of warm milk and drink once or twice daily. This is a proven natural remedy for cold.

    Foods to Avoid and What to Take

The food and activities that should be avoided in common cold are
  1.     Cold drinks and cold food items
  2.     Milk products like yogurt, cheese, cream  
  3.     Fried foods
  4.     Sweet fruit juices
  5.     Meat
  6.     Nuts
  7.     Sleeping during day time
  8.     Taking cold shower
  9.     Exposure to cold winds, air conditioner
  10.     Pastries

Taking these food items is good in common cold
  •     Vegetable soup
  •     Garlic soup
  •     Ginger tea
  •     Hot milk with pieces of crushed ginger
  •     Herbal tea
  •     Steamed or boiled vegetables

Common cold is not a serious problem but it makes the suffering person feel extremely sick.
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