In today’s working world it is too stressful and busy in many industries. No wonder that since there is little time for sleeping. But even if the time is available, many people suffer from problems with falling and staying asleep.


8 hours of sleep are considered appropriate. However, this is undercut by many people. The immediate result is a feeling of tiredness and often power and lack of concentration. however, are not
the only consequences , as several studies have shown in recent decades. Also high risk of heart attack, weight gain or loss, depression, high blood pressure etc., are seen in sleep deprivation.


Here we write sleeping tips for those peoples who had problem of sleep deprivation.

  1. Always go to bed at the same time because it is important that the body can adapt to a biological rhythm. Make no more afternoon naps, which can slow down the sleep pressure. Asleep only a few minutes watching television and later you sleep bad one.
  2. The darker the bedroom, the better. The sleep hormone melatonin is only properly distributed where it is dark. Conversely, you need after getting a lot of light, so that lowers the level of melatonin and serotonin is released. Maintain a comfortable temperature in the bedroom, this should be between 15 – 18 degrees lie.
  3. Onto hard liquor and heavy meals in the evening Although alcohol may give you the feeling, better sleep, but sleep quality suffers serious. Even heavy food brings a valuable hours because the meal has to be digested.
  4. At exhaustion during the day, a short sleep of less than 30 minutes, for example during a lunch break, be a real treat and make it fit for the afternoon. However, those who sleep longer, already falls into the first deep sleep and then feel sleepy and may limp.
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