Oily skin is the most irritating skin type among all the skin tones. Greasy skin catches dirt and impurities very easily from its surroundings, oil secretion on skin demands extra attention to be healthy and glowing. Homemade face masks for oily skin can treat many skin problems generated due to the nature of this kind of skin. Acne, spots, blackheads, greasy lines are few common by products of oily skin. there are following home natural remedies.  you may be able to find a best cure for your oily skin condition.

Gram flour, turmeric, lemon and milk mask for oily skin care

Two tablespoons gram flour, five drops of lemon juice, half teaspoon of turmeric powder, two to three tablespoon of milk and water, all these ingredients make a face pack for oily skin. Apply it for 20 minutes and wash off. It does deep cleansing and removes dead cells from the facial skin, giving a clear appearance..

Fuller’s earth face mask is best

A face mask can be made at home with multani mitti as a basic ingredient. Take two tablespoons of fuller’s earth powder and soak it in water for half an hour. Add a tbs of rose water and few drops of lemon juice. If the mixture is still thick then you should mix some water to it. A tbs of milk can be added to avoid over dryness. This face mask will clean up your face, improves blood circulation, remove excess oil and dead cells from skin.

You can apply this clay mask twice or thrice a week.

Fruit face masks for oily skin

Lemon, orange, tomato, grapefruit, papaya, all these fruits benefits oily skin in many ways.They are rich in vitamin C and have astringent oils that are very beneficial for greasy skin. Natural astringent in these fruits help to lighten facial pores, reduces oil secretion and makes skin clean. Forehead, nose and chin are oily areas of the skin. People with combination skin should smear these face masks on T – zone area only. If you apply them on dry areas of your face then you might suffer with dry patches.

Orange peel to handle oily and greasy skin

Orange peel is a well known remedy to manage over shiny skin. Orange peel are first dried in shade and then powdered to make a face mask for controlling oily skin. It can be used with water or curd or milk. Homemade orange peel masks cleans, opens clogged pores and its astringent properties reduces extra oil from the skin.

Mixture of Rose water, glycerin and lemon

Mix equal portions of rose water, glycerin and lemon juice and apply on facial skin. Leave for 20 minutes and wash off. You can store this lotion in freeze for daily skin care routine. Keep it in glass bottle. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties, thus perfect for acne prone oily skin. Lemon in this mask will reduce the oiliness from the surface of skin, making your skin dry and tight. Rose water is antiseptic and an excellent cleanser, toner which will give you clean and fresh skin. Glycerin will hydrate the skin by moistening the skin properly.

This is a perfect face mask to treat oily skin ailments such as acne, acne scars and pimples. You must do a patch test to know if this lotion will suits your skin or not.

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