Mehndi is one of the important item of any occasion, especially when we talk about the happy occasions like wedding or Eid. Henna known as mehndi is applied by the ladies on their arms, hands, foot. As per the tradition of the wedding ceremonies, the bride applies mehndi on her hands and foot. The design may vary. Among the human race that henna is considered to be a good sign.

Few of them, also assume that if the bride applies henna on her hands and if the color is dark, the groom will be honest to the bride in his life and they will have a calm future. However, some people apply different oils like mustard on their hands so that the color of the mehndi gets dark. Nowadays there are plenty of cone mehndi that are of good quality and give a very dark color that lasts for a few days.

Regardless of the fact henna is good to apply, but one needs to be sure of the quality as few of the manufacturers add chemicals that are dangerous for the skin. It may also lead to the burning effect of the skins, causing skin diseases. Ultimately leading towards the serious condition and one may lead to the hospital immediately. The cases may differ, if the chemical is too acidic, it may give a larger dangerous and disastrous effect.

All you need to make sure is the type of mehndi you are selecting. Designs of mehndi are too vast. There are Indian, Pakistani, Arabic and Rajasthani design. Every culture has a specific design that depicts the cultural taste and art. Here are top bridal mehndi designs of 2014:

Black Mehndi Design:

This one of the finest type of henna. It is used by brides of all cultures, especially in the eastern countries. You can make close art of the abstract design that will give a great look to the hand or foot.

Indian Flower Look Design:

This is one the latest design of 2014. You can make a flower with close patterns on the hand. This design looks appealing and eye catching to the hand that has good palm size.

Arabian Design:

Arabian bridal mehndi design has always been in demand. They have a unique touch that they give while making an artistic design on the arm, hand or foot of the bride. They also apply henna on the nails, hence, you can also so the nail art by using mehndi.

Rajasthani Design:

Rajasthan is a place that has everything engraved in their own style. Even with the sculpture and the infrastructure they have a special touch. Applying the design of their culture is to show the real beauty of the henna.

Full Arm Design:

You can apply mehndi on the full arm. You can make any creative design like floral patterns and leaves and dots to the spaces. It gives a complete and a very fine look.

Half Arm Design:

Like full-arm, you can apply henna on the half arm. Shorten the patterns and fill the arm with the unique style like vines, flowers or leaves.

Pakistani Design:

Pakistani patterns are close ones and there is hardly any vacant space. It gives a very good look to the hand.

Eastern cultural Design:

From circular to floral patterns all are included in this look. You can draw whatever appeals you the most.

Now you have list of artful Mehndi designs available to apply for your favorite occasion.
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