In winter How to Take care of your Dry Hand and Feet

In winter How to Take care of your Dry Hand and Feet

We all look forward to winter season. It arrives with lovely sweaters, coffee, dry fruit and curling up by the heater. But with all the goodies, unfortunately winter season comes with dehydrated skin too. Mostly our hands and feet get affected by winter harshness. Due to cold, our blood circulation slows down in winter and we starts to feel lazy. Which result in feeling tired quickly. In this case too our hands and feet get affected the most. It’s nothing to be worried about. If we take a bit of care of our dry and tired hands and feet, we can easily make our dry hands and feet feel better and moisturized.


Cold winter tends to make us feel lazy and sleepy. But we have to fight off this feeling and take regular walks, for good blood circulation. Good blood circulation will help us in feeling active.


Soak your feet in hot water with added salt. This will relax your tired feet.


Try to wear comfortable shoes in winter. Since our feet gets stiff in winter, uncomfortable shoes will make our feet feel tired quickly and we can end with aching feet in no time.


Wear socks all day long. Your feet will feel relaxed in warm socks.


Avoid usage of hot water. We wash our hands a million times a day, and mostly with hot water. Hot water makes the skin venerable and washes off the skin’s natural moisture. Always remember to wash hand and feet in normal water.


Soap dries our skin instantly which then results in flaky skin. It’s important to use a mild soap, and avoid using it so frequently, if you can help it.


Keep moisturizing your skin with your favorite lotion or simple pure glycerin. Remember to apply moisturize to your hands when you come out of kitchen, toilet and throughout the day. Always remember to moisturize your feet before going to bed.


We tend to forget, whether its winter or summer, water is equally important for our body. Nobody feels all that thirsty in winter, but we have to keep a fluent water intake for body’s moisture. Skin needs to be moisturized inside and out to stay healthy.


Keep yourself warm by covering yourself with warm clothes. Avoid heaters, as it evaporates the moisture so quickly, which results in dry flaky skin. If it’s really cold and the heater is switched on in the room anyway, then avoid sitting close to it. And keep a bowl filled with water in room.

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