Why harmful fatty foods?

Why harmful fatty foods

Probably each of us understands that fatty foods - is primarily junk food, but not everyone knows why this food is harmful. And believe just because so someone said without a substantial arguments, and not very much want to, given the fact that most of the fatty foods have excellent flavor, from which is not so easy to give up. Incidentally, recent scientific developments in the field of nanotechnology have found a way nonmedicamentous impact on the problems of disease, which are based on the subtext of the mentally unstable person, depending on the needs of various kinds, caused by unhealthy perception of those about which you can learn more on the website of the Centre Region CFS Kol'tsova official site which has the detailed information about the plates Kol'tsova. What we digress from the topic, continue.

But to your surprise, we can say that the fact that fatty foods - is harmful, is not entirely true, and is not really very far from leaving no chance of the word "bad." In fact, the truth as always lies somewhere in the middle. It was her and try to uncover in this article devoted to the question of: why is harmful fatty foods. Although the first thing that comes to mind is the time-proven fact that even medicine can be poison, if you overdo it with the dosage. So the question of the dangers of fried, smoked, ie, fatty food, everything in moderation. It is a measure of the invisible line between pleasure from making delicious food and holistic health of our body.

No one know, will not deny the fact that many types of fats are vital organism, and therefore their food intake is essential to maintain the body in a healthy manner. After talking a bit about the benefits of fatty foods, we turn to its negative side.

So what is harmful fatty foods?

Are very harmful products during the preparation of which was applicable hydro,, it is such a special kind of processing of vegetable fats. It is through such fats in the body there is an increase in cholesterol, so that negatively affects human health. The formation of plaque and diseases such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, stroke and other developed much faster due to the presence in the blood, so-called bad cholesterol form from such processing vegetable fats.

What has been repeatedly discussed previously in the article - is a surplus fat. Or rather an overabundance of food intake, rich in fat content. By the way most of the appearance of hypertension is associated with this problem, over this fact, many doctors have worked and confirmed a high probability of occurrence of hypertension due to a large amount of fat entering the body of both animal and vegetable origin. So do not think that eating soy sausage instead of the usual, you are taking in food dietary product, most likely you will eat even more dangerous to the health of the product. In order to avoid these problems is worth replacing some foods lower in calories and fat. So eating a large amount of butter, fatty meat varieties, especially pork, fatty types of sour cream and yogurt, are likely to bring your body to the high content of fat, which has already become a problem.

Excessive caloric content of foods consumed - is also a big problem. Because when imbalances rules - how many have eaten food that is received energy, and so much to spend, leading to obesity, and thus overweight, which is very negative impact on overall survival and leads to aging of the organism. And in this case the quality of life is suffering, know only affected by overweight people.

Excessive fat intake increases the amount of free radicals, which greatly contributes to the overall drop in immunity and vulnerability to many kinds of serious diseases. Moreover, the excess fat in the body, especially not of natural origin, very heavily pollute the blood and lymphatic system, which contributes to the appearance of acne on the skin and other cosmetic troubles plan, moreover, it is safe to say that people who suffer from the appearance of a large number of pimples and blackheads on the skin, have a serious internal health problems, and appeared on the skin of defective education - it's just their symptoms.

Why after calories sick?

This fact nausea after taking high-calorie food is that fat cells have such unpleasant property as a buildup of toxins and other harmful substances especially for products that are prepared using fat unnatural origin. The body in this case is necessary to spend a huge amount of energy for an emergency exasperated all toxins obtained from the use of such food. It is this process of cleansing the body and is accompanied by symptoms nauseating reactions and general weakness of the body, so get unpleasant symptoms such as a gift from the food eaten several times think about the repetition of this process and on the measure, which in the previous case was substantially overvalued man.
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