Why aching joints? Causes of joint pain

Why aching joints? Causes of joint pain
Unfortunately, problems with pain and the development of various diseases related to joints, there are almost 60% of the world population throughout life. Joint problems - it concerns the elderly population of the earth, but to date, compared with twenty-year indicators, joint diseases rejuvenated 20 years. Thus, today, problems with joints feel about 40% of the people have reached the age of forty. And the pain in the knees and other joints is necessary before making a choice in favor of official medicine or choose treatment joints folk remedies should examine in detail the causes of pain in problem areas. First we need to establish the seriousness of the problem, because if you run the existing joint problems, you can finish badly and to complete immobility. So, if you have a serious injury or unbearable pain - it mandatory have to seek professional help. But if, after a comprehensive examination it turned out that the problem is in the nature of emergency treatment, it is possible to use traditional remedies for the treatment of joints. Today, among many ways, including the popular, widespread use of the products of the Centre Region - a plate Kol'tsova who has for ten years been successfully used not only in the territory of Russia and CIS.

Most often, the appearance of discomfort in the joints - is accumulated over many years salt deposits, less often, the cause is a softening of bone or other kinds of unpleasant symptoms in the form of inflammation. Here the diagnosis accuracy can put in only the appropriate specialist and special laboratory tests.

Why aching joints?

Usually, and not one had a surprise, reduction of joint mobility with age, and here it is not only the deposition of salts. A very large impact on the health of the skeletal system provides the diet that adhere people. Thus, the Japanese, who consume large amounts of seafood and other minerals, vitamin-fortified products are much less likely to suffer from problems with joints in the body. Another advantage of the Japanese diet is the presence of large amounts of calcium food substance which has the most important role in maintaining bone health. In humans, each year, washed away more and more of calcium from the body and to the achievement of 35 years of age calcium deficiency be at around 10%. This figure seems small, but unfortunately, every year it increases by 1.5-2%, and to 50 years is already illegal - 25-30%, which is an effort on the health of the skeletal system, and if the food is not saturated with calcium substance , the gradual destruction of the bone system is inevitable.

The answer to the question - Why hurt the joints may also be mentioned the following facts:

1) Development of osteoarthritis - in this disease much wear the cartilage gradually becomes thinner and thinner, which significantly reduces the damping characteristics between the joints.

2) Arthritis - another very common disease that is characterized by painful inflammation. Such inflammation in arthritis are the result of the negative impact of parasitic bacteria. Arthritis is characterized by severe pain, redness in the affected area, sometimes even temperature can increase.

3) Gout. This disease is associated with multiple disabilities and failures in the mechanisms of metabolism of our body.
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