What to do if a sore back. Back pain causes, symptoms

What to do if a sore back. Back pain causes, symptoms
The spine is the kind support of our organism, the damage which makes it impossible to many activities. Oddly enough, but the spine is not only performs the most important role of the skeletal system, but also the most inactive part of the entire skeletal system. And if a person, in their professional features forced to lead a sedentary or sedentary, the back problems become even more severe with age, than any other man. 
All that does not move, does not develop - gradually atrophies and dies, just as happens with the inactive parts of the spine. They become monolithic, gradually becoming less and less mobile, so blood flows into them worse. Because the vertebrae can press down and the nerve endings, causing more severe disease, which are accompanied by back pain.

Causes of Back Pain

Causes the appearance of back pain can be a whole lot, the main of which is the accumulation of salts, the gradual atrophy of the muscular system, which is accompanied by the formation of stagnant processes in the spine. So vertebrae become less mobile. Another cause of back pain is the lack of calcium. As is known, calcium eventually washed out of our body, and every year, thanks to the aging and deterioration of metabolic processes, worse absorbed by our body. A problem with the skeletal system and spine occur exactly in the elderly, when the skeletal system is not getting enough calcium substance, sometimes a deficit of about 40%, because of what elderly people suffer frequent back pain. 
Cope with the problem of back pain resulting possible only through constant training of dorsal spine, a large complex of exercises. Fix a set of exercises possible with the help of massage and drinking calcium. Immediately should remember that calcium is best absorbed with vitamin D. Otherwise there is a big risk of calcium deposits in the kidneys indigestible. You can also use the well to absorb calcium, but it is much more expensive, although it is more effective as a result. 
 Implemented on time trip to the doctor to save not only your money, but will not allow the disease to develop in a more complicated form.
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