What is the most effective way to lose weight?

What is the most effective way to lose weight

Today there are thousands of weight loss methods that really work with due respect for the rules of all the recommended diet. But as people always want more and are wondering what is the most effective way to lose weight? The answer to this question may be for each person their own. Because our bodies, despite the complete physiological similarities are quite different. So people can be divided into groups and each group will be assigned to what is their specific kinds of diets and weight loss techniques. And there will be those people for whom effective will a mixture of several diet programs.
 But before we begin to delve into the most effective ways of losing weight, it should be noted that the majority of people who see themselves as overweight greatly mistaken in his opinion or simply underestimate yourself. Because popularity of slender forms strongly imposed on us fashion trends, and they are so ingrained in our consciousness that faith in them to become a real fanaticism. And if you analyze thousands of successful women who remember the humanity as the most desirable, it immediately struck by the fact that they are all completely different. We can say that no one like another.

Then I want to ask: why do they Stavan ideals of perfection in a certain time era? They were charismatic, they had something special, something interesting that attracted the attention of hundreds of men. They had a non-reentrant grace and style of presenting yourself through them literally oozing sexuality. But such a beautiful and rare mastery of sexuality is hard enough to meet today. Yes, and it was really rare for all known centuries. Sexuality is bordered with the feature by clicking through which it can be fully ispohabit. Of course, there are examples where the ideal forms simply rip planochki vigilance with men, but women are usually interest only for a while, because subsequently "woman without content" becomes simply not interesting. Therefore, the truth, as always be somewhere in the middle between the external and internal data. Meet on clothes, and every woman wants to have as much as possible, more perfect, and therefore attractive dresses.

So diet is a famous word in the lexicon of every woman, girl. Immediately it should be said that to find the perfect figure with the help of diet alone is impossible in principle. It's like a win will come in alone armor. To achieve the desired goal, we need all everything that exists and is known, but in a certain dosage. And as said one famous actress - "eat" and then not be able to lose weight. Proper nutrition has not been canceled.

The first rule in choosing any diet. The most effective way to lose weight is that the diet should not be rigid, but should never end. Here is another argument. If you are very well lose weight in a month, then when you return to the rhythm of eating your favorite goodies, a month lost weight will come running back to you. Therefore, to become leaner have to change your eating habits. We note immediately that all diets - a certain kind of masochism. One can not be healthy in the rhythm of two weeks I drink and smoke, and the next two weeks will lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise. This does not happen, the more such methods significantly harm to human health, and have in mind the diet, strict diets. And sometimes it is better to use alternative methods of getting rid of extra pounds, and one such way is the use of products from the region of Centre CFS Koltsov plate which can affect the normalization of metabolic processes in the body and thus help to reduce excess weight.

Change your diet - become goddesses

If you gradually reduce fatty foods from your diet, for example, within six months, it is possible to reach the level when the calories consumed will fall into the rule: how many ate - and spent so much. After all, in fact not many people know that they themselves violate the digestibility and metabolic processes in the body, constantly supplying him more food than they need for life. Excess energy must go somewhere, and if it is not burned during physical activity, it necessarily goes into body fat.

Rule calories. Why does it cost to count calories?

One successful dancer friend of mine once said to me on my quest to tell him that I finally understood how to count calorie foods and count your diet. He said Ira - enough to count calories and eat separately and not notice how to lose half a year up to 5 kilograms. And he was right. Separate food relieves the burden on the digestive tract and all organs involved and help the food absorbed in our body. Each product needs its acidity in the stomach, and, for example, such as a meat dish with potatoes, reserves, people older than 30 to 30% of undigested product, which subsequently decays in the intestine. It turns out that the man himself Grass, voluntarily.

Well, for those who came here after question calorie watching this form, we do not mind .

How to calculate the caloric content of the finished dish?

Take a book calorie foods and learn from it every calorie product. After which decompose in the plate calorie each product from our meals, which we're going to cook. For example oatmeal.

The ingredients needed for cooking oatmeal:

  • Cereals, 1000 grams = 350 calories
  • Milk, 500 grams = 310 calories
  • Oil, 100 grams = 700 Calories
  • Water = 0 Calories
  • Total = 1360 calories, which is divided by 100 grams of the product and get that one standard serving of 200 grams will contain t = 272 calories.

But it must necessarily take into account the fact that the products, for example oil, may contain different amounts sufficient calories, depending on the type of oil.

And lastly gift The most energy-consuming activities:

  1. Walking - 500 calories per hour
  2. Swimming - 500 calories per hour
  3. Jumping - 1200 kcal per hour
  4. Cycling - from 300 to 700 calories per hour
  5. Dancing - varies between 350 g and 800 kcal per hour
  6. Aerobics - 400 calories per hour
  7. Alpine Skiing - from 300 to 650 calories per hour
  8. Quick jogging - 900 calories per hour
  9. The unloading of wagons - 1600 kcal per hour
  10. Walk - from 100 to 150 calories per hour

It should be remembered that it is necessary for the health of women from 1000 to 1200 kcal per day, while consuming foods should be cooked on healthy recipes. Total should be in moderation, and that goes for tasty food too. And lastly - Be happy - be healthy.
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