Torments heaviness in the stomach after eating? Reasons treatment

Torments heaviness in the stomach after eating? Reasons treatment

In fact, the causes of heaviness in the stomach may be the most diverse in nature and their number may reach several hundreds of reasons. But let's look at the most basic of these, which are most often found in the home.

Main causes heaviness in the stomach after meal:

So, what causes heaviness in the stomach the most? First of all is to understand that all the diseases that are associated with gastrointestinal primarily associated with emotional problems, nervous and mental strain that can be caused by anything that can only human imagination. People who believe that all human disease - a breach in the normal course of his thoughts, emotions, sensations, and others, to explain the root cause of the problems with the stomach and gastrointestinal tract - the rejection of something as if to say vernacular - "not digesting" something, acceptance conditions, rejection of situations in which a person finds and even rejection of others. Second, an indirect factor that affects the state of our digestive tract, including may be a direct cause of heaviness in the stomach - is the result of wrong eating habits. And wrong for each will mean something different, because the body of each person is unique, and that one person will be a perfect product for the health, for the other is, at best, simple food, and at worst - may even bring some harm if we say a person has an intolerance to some or products.

Heaviness in the stomach - is primarily a signal to that food does not digest fast enough, as it should be in a normal, healthy functioning conditions of the gastrointestinal tract. Such symptoms are gastric gravity during the use of incompatible products, which require different digesting stomach acid. Such products are any grilled meat with potatoes. Especially if cooked potatoes as mashed potatoes. In this case, the food is very long time to digest, and its individual particles can never digest or nedoperevarivshis get into the intestines and rot there. This is the main reason that incompatible products begin, if consumed frequently, zashlakovyvat body poisons, toxins. And to these poisons does not stagnate in your body rekomenudetsya use special water regime in which it is necessary to use during the structured water, this water helps cleanse the body at the cellular level, to read about how to prepare structured water can be home in this article. Such structured water in just five months 8-9 spends kolosalnye cleansing the body, bringing it to the lifting of the general immunity and vitality podyatie all organs and systems. In such cases it is advisable to reconsider how the food you eat and your diet regime.

The second cause of heaviness in the stomach after eating:

And even if you are accustomed to using separate power supply as a way to cleanse the body, or rather even, no pollution of the body of toxins, the following rules will also be important. Overeating - this is the second reason for heaviness in the stomach and digestive system disorders of all that exist. Human stomach can not work 24 hours a day, and with abundant overeating, it can work both day and night. For example, after eating at night, or God forbid, at night, you get the stomach, instead of resting, ground without stopping. Which ultimately leads to the development of various dysfunctions of the stomach. And so that such problems do not arise, it is recommended not only to perform from time to time effective fasting days are written here, but gradually push yourself to spend more time in the air. Fit as walking, so walk as close to the pace of race walking.

Further causes heaviness in the stomach to pass existing problems in the body, and other chronic diseases. The same ulcer, gastro and even illness related to the dysfunction of the pancreas, it all helps slow digestion and failures of different nature in their work. So if you often tormented by heaviness in the stomach, you should see a specialist to determine the true causes of the symptom appears and you have the disease. Here, as with every sore, most importantly how you can react quickly to the situation and take steps to address it. Be happy to be healthy.
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