The action of Sunlight on Human health

The action of Sunlight on Human health

Sunlight is essential for all living things. Observations of plants conclusively prove this. A plant lacking sunlight loses coloring withers and fades, despite everything else necessary for the growth and development was sufficient. Also pale, physically and mentally stunted man, if a long time to deprive it of sunlight.

In the complex spectrum of sunlight are important ultraviolet rays that cause the body complex photovoltaic, photochemical and many other reactions. Rays of ultraviolet light penetrates to a depth of 0.3 to 2 mm into the skin and act on the nerve endings intradermal, causing various reflex reactions in the skin, as well as in many internal organs and systems.

Under the action of ultraviolet light in the skin is a complex chemical process, resulting in the active biological substances capable of expanding blood vessels and increase their permeability.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays produced tan. In the process of tanning, in the cells of the epidermis of the skin is delayed special coloring protein substance - melanin.

Sunlight stimulant effect on the nervous system, stimulates the oxidation - reduction reactions in the body. Under the action of ultraviolet light, improving blood and lymph circulation in the skin. It is important that this activity activates certain cells of the skin, which is important for boosting the immune reactivity. And to the immune system of the body was always normal recommended HuaShen unique products that are created on the basis of application of biophotons therapy.

Bacteriological studies have confirmed that various bacteria, including those causing tuberculosis, die quickly in sunlight.

Especially should allocate strengthening and tempering effect of sun rays as a result of the regular repetition rate sunbathing in conjunction with air baths, water treatments and moderate exercise.
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