Remove wrinkles under eyes at home?

Remove wrinkles under eyes at home

The formation of wrinkles on the face is inevitable as the aging process, you can even say that they are related to each other, but there is also a possibility to promote slower aging of the skin and formation of wrinkles as possible after the scheduled term nature. The formation of wrinkles on the skin is due to lack of a sufficient level of its structure a special protein protein, called collagen. Collagen is structurally very solid biological material and at the same time, it is elastic construction material of the body. Since collagen fibers are skin and skeleton when they become insufficient, for whatever reason, our skin begins to lose its elasticity, causing wrinkles are formed.

When the first wrinkles?

Women, for the most part, faced with the problem of wrinkles on his face only to thirty years, and before that age only 10% of women notice these unwanted changes in appearance. As a rule, with the onset of thirty levels of collagen in the body starts to decrease gradually, and the upper layer of the skin becomes thinner and thinner due to the slowdown of regeneration processes. Due to the fact that the fibers of the skin becomes less elastic with age and resilient they are worse retain moisture, the skin becomes more susceptible to the formation of wrinkles. But you can always find the answer to the question how to remove wrinkles under eyes at home.

Leather, which is located near the eyes is very delicate and has a large number of sebaceous glands, the function of which is to timely and sufficient moisture. But due to the physiological characteristics of the skin around the eyes is strongly subjected to constant tension and compression, which promotes the formation of microscopic cracks already by the age of twenty, which will eventually become rougher and rougher. These microscopic cracks, wrinkles on the face called mimic wrinkles. And the wrinkles that appear around the eyes, which are formed as a result of the constant compression and stretching of the skin in this area is called dynamic. And as a result, at the slightest loss of skin elasticity, wrinkles become permanent, such "decoration" of the face.

Statistical wrinkles are those wrinkles that appear on the skin by themselves, without external exposure of the skin, due to the internal processes occurring in it.

The reasons for the rapid aging of the skin around the eyes and on the face?

If a woman wants her skin has always been on the best level, was a healthy, toned and supple, it is necessary to constantly worry about the state of their skin, especially in those places where it is most exposed to the process of deformation and the subsequent formation of wrinkles. Remember, taking care of facial skin does not require special care, or method of expensive procedures, it is always possible to remove wrinkles under eyes at home. The main causes of aging skin around the eyes and face:

Severe weather, intense heat or cold, rain or snow, strong wind - all these factors contribute to strong desiccation of the skin, the appearance of her cosmetic defects that leads to the gradual aging of the skin.

Very serious factor provoking the appearance of wrinkles are bad habits. One of the most damaging for the rapid aging of the skin is smoking and lack of proper mode of the day, lack of sleep and deep stress. All this we attributed to bad habits, because half the time the man himself, voluntarily agrees to the flow of all these hazards. Therefore, if you have at least one of these problems, you greatly increase your chances of not only the formation of wrinkles and skin aging, but also the heavy pollution of the body, which has to be not just a way to recover, if desired, to the proper level.

Next is an unbalanced diet, insufficient exposure to fresh air, in violation of the gastrointestinal tract, lymph and blood contamination, contamination of the liver. All these factors will sooner or later make a person look for a way to get rid of wrinkles and various kinds of cosmetic defects not only on the face, but also throughout the body. So take care of your health and do not bring themselves to extremes.

Very common cause of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes becomes a habit to wrinkle his brow and squinting. And the wrinkles around the eyes can appear as a result of the fact that the man at work behind a computer much overstrains eyeball and eye muscles. He constantly had to squint, which contributes to more rapid wear of the skin around the eye and its subsequent more rapid aging.

As feed costs, so that no wrinkles around the eyes and skin of the face did not grow old?

A great way to maintain the skin in a constant tone is the use of seafood in the diet that are rich in a variety of nutrients and trace elements. Such foods are not only rich in iodine, but also contains a high content of collagen in itself, such substances must for healthy skin.

Also collagen peptide can be prepared from meat products. Most collagen containing turkey meat is considered. Very useful to use a fatty marine fish varieties are perfect red fish, salmon and more. Increased use of green food promotes rapid recovery of the skin, restores elasticity greens vessels, causing skin cells more intensively supplied with all the essential nutrients from the blood and recover faster.

How to remove wrinkles under the eyes with a regular massage?

Noticeably slow down the processes of formation of wrinkles on the face and around the eyes is possible with a special tonic massage that is more aimed at the restoration of the microcirculation, and hence the removal of stagnant processes on problem areas. To begin to start a massage with a spout. You should carefully promassazhirovat all his fingers brush and so gradually rise to the level of the eyebrows, the same thing is worth doing with them. Further, should proceed to the area of skin surrounding Veski. There you just need to go all the pressings contour skin. Next we move to the smeared movements of the eyelids, and gently mash them too. After that, you can go to the field with the edges and carefully promassazhirovat eyelashes eyes closed, smooth, gentle but they pressure sensitive rubbing. Do not forget to thoroughly clean the skin before and after the massage, will further useful application of special creams to the skin to secure the obtained effect.
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