Mask with aloe for weak and dry hair

Mask with aloe for weak and dry hair

Aloe - a unique plant that has healing properties and is not difficult to grow it at home. Aloe juice not only has excellent antibacterial properties, which allows its use as a disinfectant, but also has an excellent cosmetic effect. Aloe helps to moisturize the skin and deliver it many nutrients that her tone. Another important factor for the health of hair is a common human health, vitamin deficiencies, immune sufficient strength that may be caused by overweight and obesity. And if you were faced with such a problem, then be sure to read about the most effective way to lose weight there is a very detailed response to all existing metodiui slimming.

For dry and damaged hair, dry skin, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids that are contained in the aloe juice is just a lifesaver that enables external action to return vitality to the hair and roots, moisturize and give the skin a healthy look.

Mask for hair that prevents hair loss and brittle

To prepare such mask must stir tablespoon quality olive oils and a pair of similar trays aloe juice. Next Stir in consistency should add one tablespoon of sour cream and egg yolk, then sleep all move to a homogeneous mass, which can be used as a cream mask for hair. This mask should be applied for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do not forget to thoroughly rub the mask of aloe juice in the roots of the hair and apply it evenly over the entire length of the hair. After all smoem, treat the head of mineral water, which is added to the aloe juice. To do this, each of our faceted glass of mineral water should be added two tablespoons of aloe. This final stage acts as a conditioner that contains only natural ingredients that allows you to get the roots of the hair and the skin on the head of the maximum amount of useful minerals, enzymes and vitamins that will help maintain the hair in good shape and do not let them fall.

This procedure is performed as needed, but with intense hair loss is recommended for use every day until the first positive results, followed by a make such a mask for hair less frequently through the day and so on. And for hair loss prevention is advised to make such a mask once every two weeks, once a week for the need. The mask of aloe juice is probably the most affordable way of positive effects on the hair roots with abundant during their loss.
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