Key Secrets of Care for oily skin

Key Secrets of Care for oily skin
There are two types too, excessively oily skin. The first is when the skin is too shiny and to shine on it may even serve some droplets of fat, the skin in this case is similar to gored. And second, when the structure of the skin and rough on its surface is definitely a large number of black dots, maybe even in some specific areas irritated, crusty or scaly, acne.

Such processes are explained by the fact that stands out on the surface of the skin greasy substance in combination with dust and other tore already dead parts of the skin, forms a certain plugs that prevent penetrate the skin surface the desired proportion of the greasy substance sufficient moisture for the skin. And for those who wish to improve their eyesight in the home are recommended for this article, which will reveal all the secrets and subtleties of basic ocular gymnastics.

How can care for oily skin?

You must carefully wash the face with warm water and soap is best to use the mildest effect. For this fit any baby soap or soap with cosmetic effect. If the skin is too oily - it brings great like washing with soap and water. Such procedures are well cleaned skin.

Purification of oily skin. There follows the popular recipe. To grind 100 grams of baby or cosmetic soap, pour half a liter of boiling water it, then stir until dissolved, then heat up and after 5 minutes of heating on low heat add a couple of teaspoons of boric acid, followed by one teaspoon of ammonia and a couple of teaspoons of peroxide hydrogen.

Prepared mixture should whip up the foam and then applied to the face with a cotton swab. The foam is applied to the face wash after drying warm waters. Very often doctors skin problems associated with prosvlennymi and undeveloped rastrojstva gastrointestinal tract, so for people with oily skin is recommended to periodically practice effective handling days to cleanse the body.
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