How effectively do these exercises

How effectively do these exercises

All the muscles of our body need constant training, it is because the natural law of the "necessity" operates as follows: all that is needed in the process of our vital functions, including muscle system is developed based on the daily need for it, and all that do not need us, atrophy, gradually fading, including muscle activity. If you do not train certain muscles, they are sitting idle and gradually weaken, and thus become flabby. The same thing happens with the skin, and if it does not feed all the nutrients and exercise facial muscles, the problem of wrinkles and sagging skin appears much earlier than if people give this matter a little attention. 

 It is well known that even the second half of the chin - a result of the weakening of the facial muscles in the area where it sags. And if the problem is not caused by the second chin obesity, the constant and intense exercises, specific exercises can regain skin elasticity.

The essence of the application of facial gymnastics

Gymnastics for the person takes only 3-5 minutes, at best, 10-15, but that means it's time compared with what it means for a woman of her beauty, appearance and youthfulness. The major muscle groups that should be trained with exercises for the face is cheek, eyelids and eyebrows, forehead, neck and chin, and the area adjacent to the mouth. Enough of all bottom times a day, during rest or at bedtime, after morning exercise or during use special gymnastics for a person to significantly increase their chances for a long time to keep skin young. But it is important to remember that not only the impact of external factors, such as exercises for the face play a crucial role, but small importance are proper diet and getting rid of bad habits. One of the main enemies of the health of skin is smoking, so if you have recourse, even from time to time to such a bad habit, be sure to make an informed choice between the beauty and pleasure of smoking. Because in nature and are not compatible things, smoking and skin health - one of them.

Gymnastics for the person - the basic rules for the implementation

Exercises for the eyelids and eyebrows

It then squeezes his eyes shut alternately left then right eye while doing this maximum. Because stagnant processes, which are removed by such exercises as exercises for the eyes, contribute to the rapid aging of the skin. The more intense the skin cells of the blood will be all the essential nutrients, the healthier, younger and therefore, they will look like. This exercise is worth repeating for two minutes.

Exercises for the muscles of the forehead

It is alternately tense and relax the muscles of the forehead, stretch and gather together the skin on the forehead. Moreover, this exercise can be done randomly, the most important thing to stir up the activity of the muscles that are responsible for this area of ​​skin. Doctors have long figured out an interesting fact, which tells that the huge amount of tension in the muscles hidden not only the forehead, but the whole person. This suggests that not all displays of emotion are deposited into our muscles in the form of delayed (not the manifestation of energy), which provokes not only stagnant processes and weak blood flow, but also provokes the formation of spasms. Such spasms in the muscles of our face is one of the main causes of wrinkles, and if a young skin elastic enough to withstand such stagnant processes, the age-she just can not cope with them. And this is one of many factors influencing the state of human skin on the face. It should deal with the problem of wrinkles on the face of complex, including applying massage techniques for the forehead and other parts of the face.

Exercises for eyes

Such exercises can be combined with eye exercises that helps regain visual acuity by using simple exercises for 15-20 minutes. And if you do not have enough time to complete exercises for the eyes, then you can use a less efficient shortened version when eyes closed doing a circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise. It is necessary to concentrate on limiting the assignment. Because of habit, when you try to watch as much as possible in the direction of the eye muscles are stretched and release voltage, which are formed in the process, requiring attention, such as working at the computer.

Exercises for cheeks

It's simple, it quickly inflates and deflates the cheek. Such repetitions would be sufficient and ten. Will be doubly good if you try to inflate the cheeks and alternately move the detainee in their air from one cheek to the other. The second approach is to open the mouth as wide as possible and gradually pulling his lips and implementation forms as dropped to the side of the ellipse (when its width is greater than height).

Exercises for the mouth, lips and all the surrounding area

The first step is to begin a gradual withdrawal and retraction of the lips, there is enough for 3, 4 approaches. You can dial the air, closed his mouth and pressed his lips lightly together to start to let the air. When performed correctly, this exercise will be heard the characteristic sound funny. Another good exercise is to gradually driving the tip of his tongue along the inner surface of the cheeks, as if pressing on them.

Exercises for the neck and chin

It is alternately pulling it down, then the upper lip, trying to pull it to the right and to the left, allowing the maximum strain muscles of the chin and neck. This procedure suffices to periodically engage inactive or low areas of the neck and chin.

If you decide to apply all of these tips into practice, you should be aware that the effectiveness of such procedures depends entirely on the quality of their performance and systematically. If you do so only occasionally complex, the result will be accordingly. The second rule, not less important than the systematic execution of gymnastics for the face, is moderation. It is not necessary to tear the furious zeal, they say, the veins on the face. Better add intensity gradually throughout good measure, and do not forget about the systematic implementation of such exercises. Health and good luck in your endeavors good continuous process of creativity in improving yourself.
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